Google Meet

Google Hangouts Meet is Google's web-based virtual meeting application. Users can video conference with webcams on computers, phones and tablets, text chat, and share or present their own screen to other users. Options are available to record the Meet to a video file or live stream the event to YouTube.

Creating & Joining Meetings

How do I join a Google Meet?

To see instructions for joining Google Meet from a calendar invite or by a web URL, click this link:

How do I create and host a Google Meet?

To see instructions for creating, recording and live-streaming a Google Meet, click this link:

Can I invite non-District staff to my Google Meet?

Yes, District staff can invite non District users ( or any Google account) into their Google Meet sessions. The organizer will be prompted to accept the external visitor to join the Meet.

Three ways to invite someone from outside the district

1. Sending them the link of the created meeting, they will need to ask to join the meeting and the meeting organizer need to accept them.

2. Inviting them from a Calendar event at least 15 minutes before the event takes place, and they need to join with the email address they were invited and there's no need to Ask to join.

3. Inviting them once the meeting has started from the 'Add people' section at, they'll receive an email with the joining details and no need to ask to join.

From inside the Google Classroom is a little different -

For meetings in Classroom, the teacher has the option to show or hide the link for students. In Classroom, the first one to join becomes the organizer so we recommend hiding the link until the time for the class comes and the teacher to be the first one to join. Only internal users can see the link in Classroom, if teachers has students that are using an external email address, he will need to send them over the invite with the link of the meeting and accept them when they request to join.

Can students use Google Chat?

No, Google Chat is disabled for students. Unlike Google Meet, we cannot make sure that students will be moderated by a teacher. There is a chat function within Google Meet – students can mute their microphones and disable their cameras, and still use chat there, while a teacher acts as the moderator.

How do I live stream a Google Meet?

To see instructions for live streaming a Google Meet, click this link:

How do I Blurr the Background?

1) Open a Google Meet

2) Move the cursor to the bottom right-hand corner to reveal the three dots

3) Click on the three dots

4) In the list of options, you should see the Blurr Background option

5) Click on the option to activated the Blurred Background

How do I turn on Noise Cancellation?

1) Open a Google Meet

2) Move the cursor to the bottom right-hand corner to reveal the three dots

3) Click on the three dots

4) Click on the option for settings - under the three dots

5) Under the Audio in the middle, you should see the option for Noise Cancellation

6) Make sure the button is towards the right and it blue - if not click on it.

How can I see all participants in Google Meet?

Google is improving the Tiled Layout in Google Meet to support up to 16, and later 49 participants. These features will be automatically added, so be sure to continue using the Tiled Layout to take advantage of this feature. To change the layout, click the 3 dots in the lower right corner, then click Change layout, and choose Tiled:

Moderating Meetings

Can I mute a participant in Google Hangouts Meet?

If you are the person that created the Hangouts Meet you can click on the three dots next to the person name and click the mute mic. You will not be able to un-mute the person, they will have to do so.

Can I remove a participant from a Google Hangouts Meet?

If you are the person that created the Hangouts Meet, you can click on the three dots next to the person's name and click the Remove button to eject them from the meeting.

Does Google Meet keep track of who signed into the meeting or leave an attendance log?

No, Meet does not capture attendance. If necessary, you'll need to take attendance during the meeting. Recording a session could allow a Meet organizer to review attendance later. Check out How do I create and host a Google Hangouts Meet? for instructions on recording a a Google Meet.

How do I prevent students from starting the Meet without me or from rejoining a Meet after I leave?

Students cannot create a Google Hangouts Meet or record or live stream a Google Hangouts Meet. Only teachers and staff can perform those actions. If you follow the steps below, this will prevent students from joining before you and prevent the students from rejoining the Hangouts Meet after the session.

  1. Notify the students through email or classroom that on a given day and time there will be Hangouts Meet session
  2. 15 mins before the Hangouts Meet got to
  3. Create a Hangouts Meet with a NickName
  4. Join that Hangouts Meet
  5. Send an email or Classroom assignment giving just the Nickname ( do not give the URL)
  6. Students will go to and click join and enter the Nickname and click join again
  7. Wait for students to join
  8. Once the Meet is complete wait until all students have left the Hangouts Meet or you can remove them (look for the question Can I remove a participant from a Google Hangouts Meet? on this page.)
  9. Once all participants have left or you have removed them you can leave the Hangout Meet.
  10. That Hangouts Meet Nickname now has expired and students cannot rejoin that Hangouts Meet if they try it will try creating a new Hangouts Meet, which they are not allowed to do.

Accessibility Options

What about participants who are hearing impaired? Can I add closed captions to Meet?

Yes, Google Meet does support a closed caption option. During the meeting, the Meeting creator can click “Turn on captions” in the menu bar to add voice captions on screen during the meeting. Captions are only available in English and the captions are not recorded as part of a Meet recording.

Technical Support

How can I present a single Chrome Tab in Google Meet?

In a Google Meet, when you click Present Now, you can choose the portion of your screen to present:

I recorded my Hangouts Meet but cannot find the recording in "My Drive"

When recording your Hangouts Meet session you MUST STOP the Recording for the recording to be saved to your "My Drive". All of the records will be saved in a folder labeled "Meet Recordings"

If anyone in the Hangouts Meet records the session and stops recording the recording will appear in that folder. The person who recorded the session will not have a copy of the session unless you share it with them.

I get a “Camera is not found” error in Google Meet on the Chrome browser. What do I do?

1. Restart the computer and try again.

2. Confirm that the Meet website is allowed to use the camera and microphone:

Using the Chrome browser, go to the system addresses below:



You should see under the Allow list:

To change permissions to allow access to microphone and camera do this:

  1. Start an empty video call:
  2. When it pops up to "Invite people", click on "X" to close that popup.
  3. In the top right of the URL address look for a Camera icon. Click either or .
  4. Click Always allow Hangouts Meet to access your camera and microphone.
  5. Click Done. The video will display.
  6. At the top right of the chat window, click Settings .
  7. Check settings like your camera, microphone and speaker devices.

If these settings are correct and you see yourself in the background, then your camera is working. If you see background of static, then the camera may be broken, or some other app may be stopping Hangouts from accessing your devices. Try resetting Chrome as described here:

I'm still having trouble with my camera or microphone. What next?

1. You may need to allow the Camera and Mic -

2. You may need to install or update the Hangouts Plugin, which can be found here:

3. There are some other troubleshooting options found here: