Google Drive

Google Drive is the personal file storage available to all students and staff. You may store a nearly unlimited amount of data in your Google Drive and then share those files with others, allowing you to collaborate on documents with others in real-time. Google Drive can contain Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms files or other data files you wish to store in your account.

Can I have documents that only certain people can see? I can, for example, have one document that the whole staff can see vs another that only the leadership team can see?

Absolutely! It's all about the setting you choose when clicking on the blue Sharing button in the upper right-hand side of the document.

Will we have access to Add-Ons? For example, the BibMe add-on is unbelievably useful.

Add-ons are evaluated for inclusion in the GAFE environment. There is already a starter list and BibMe is on the list to be evaluated.

What about student teachers and partner educators from other districts re: sharing/collaborating with Google Apps (blocked from sharing with anyone other than people)?

My principal is looking for an easy way to have the staff submit lesson plans utilizing Google drive. Any suggestions?

I shared some documents from my personal Google account with my school district Google account and I was not able to make the school district one the owner. I received a message saying that I was out of the domain.

Once you share your document from your personal Google account with your SDP Google account, in the SDP account you simply "Make a copy" from the File menu and your district account then becomes the owner of that document.