Jamboard is Google's web-based whiteboard collaboration tool. Jamboard can work directly with Google's own brand of smartboards, or it can work on touch-enabled devices to allow drawing and brainstorming with many users. Saved Jamboard sessions are called "Jams," and you can share Jams with others much like any other document in your Google Drive.

Don't I need a Jamboard smartboard to do this?

No, Google allows users to access a software version of Jamboard tools without a Jamboard device. the web-based Jamboard tools will work with your mouse, a touch screen, or other input device on your laptop, Chromebook or tablet.

How do I access Jamboard?

Users can go to https://jamboard.google.com and login with their District philasd.org username and password.

A link for Jamboard has also been added to the Student LaunchPad in SIS.

How do I create or open a Jam?

To create a Jam:

From the Jamboard main screen, click the orange + button in the lower right corner of the screen. Then in the upper left corner of the screen, give the Jam a descriptive name - the name you apply is the best way to find a Jam later.

To find and open an existing Jam:

On the Jamboard main screen, previously saved Jams will appear in a list. In the upper right corner, you can also filter the Jam list by ownership - you can choose from the following:

  • Owned by me
  • Owned by anyone
  • Not owned by me

Then use the Search bar at the top of the screen to search for the previously saved Jam by its name. Once you find the previous Jam on the list, click on it to open it.

What can I do with Jamboard?

Once you create or open a Jam, the screen will appear like a blank electronic whiteboard. Use the available tools on the left side to interact with the screen. A Jam can contain more than one Frame, like frames in a film.

Top of Screen Tools:

  • Frame Selection arrows (left and right) allow you to automatically create and navigate between frames
  • Zoom allows you to zoom in and out and fit to the screen.
  • Background allows you to apply some colors, lines and grids to the Jam.
  • Clear frame will erase everything except the background on the currently selected Frame.

Left Side On Screen Tools:

There are writing tools that simulate Pens, Markers, Highlighters and Brushes. The color choices are limited to the typical colors of dry erase markers. You can also use tools to Erase, Add Sticky notes and Insert images on the Jam. The Laser tool allows you to draw a temporary line like a laser point to draw attention to a part of the screen.

Right Side of Screen Tools:

Under the 3-dot Menu, you can Rename, Download as PDF (all frames are separate pages), Save frame as image, Remove or Make a copy of the Jam.

Note: The Open on a Jamboard function will not work, because it requires a registered Jamboard device.

Can I use Jamboard with my students?

Yes, Google Jamboard was recently enabled for all District users. You cannot launch Jamboard from within Meet or Classroom, but you can share the link of a Jamboard with students through Classroom or the chat function of Meet. Then you can share your screen from within Meet, and use Jamboard with the students. Students could also have two browser tabs open, one with the Meeting and the other with Jamboard, to interact on both at the same time.

A link for Jamboard has been added to the Student LaunchPad in SIS, or they can go to https://jamboard.google.com and login with their District username and password.

How do I share a Jam with other users?

In the upper-right corner of the screen, click the SHARE button. Then under the Invite people option to collaborate, giving them view or edit privileges. Then click Done.