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End of Support for Web-based Content using Adobe Flash in the Google Chrome Browser

In August 2017, Adobe announced that the Flash Plug-in, used to provide content in web browsers for over 20 years, is being phased out completely. The developers of the major web browsers have been working to remove Flash support over the last 2 years and we’re already seeing certain websites that are no longer functioning correctly. Expect that all major web browsers will eliminate Flash Support within the next year.

Google has released its FINAL temporary fix to allow web based content to use the Flash plug-in. Google has confirmed that this will be the last fix. By July 2018, the Flash Player Plug-in in Google Chrome will no longer work AT ALL. This includes the Chromebook Kiosk apps. Once Google removes Flash from the Chrome browser, there will be nothing that can be done to restore it.

Microsoft, Apple and Mozilla are expected to follow suit within the next year.

The Office of Information Technology began warning the District’s key vendors and partners nearly two years ago, applying pressure to replace Flash in their products. If you use any other web-based resources that still rely on Flash, please let those providers know that if they do not move to HTML5 by June 2018, you will not be able to use their products anymore.

After July 2018, the Office of Information Technology will not be able to provide support for any software, services or issues related to Flash-based web content.

Use of Home Smart Speakers, Video Streaming or other Multicast Network Devices

Many schools and offices have inquired about adding certain devices to the School District’s network to stream or broadcast media. Many of these devices use a technology known as “Multicast” to broadcast media to many other computers at the same time. Multicast is great for personal home networks, but can easily overwhelm a large enterprise network, especially where WiFi is used heavily. In addition, anyone can easily take control of these devices without using passwords, because they are not designed for a secure network. As a result, in order to ensure reliable and secure Internet access for all users, Multicast is not supported on either the District’s wireless or wired networks.

The following products are not supported and can not be used on the School District’s network:

  • Apple TV
  • Google ChromeCast
  • Google Expeditions *
  • Roku Media Player
  • Amazon FireTV enabled products
  • SmartTV apps
  • Google Home enabled products
  • Amazon Alexa enabled products

* The Office of Information Technology is currently developing a plan to support the Google Expeditions product on the District’s network. Please watch for further information before purchasing Google Expeditions hardware.

As always, please contact the Technology Help Desk before purchasing or attempting to use any type of media streaming devices on the District’s network - or 215-400-5555.