Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the Google web-based calendar management system. You can create and share calendars with colleagues, students and even with the public to provide school event calendars.

Can I synchronize my Zimbra and Google Calendars?

No, there is no software that can keep your Zimbra and Google calendars in sync with each other. We strongly recommend that you choose to use only one as your primary calendar. Then you will have to manually make any needed changes in the other platform. Talk with your principal or manager about their expectations for calendars in their organization.

Can I subscribe to Zimbra calendars from Google Calendar?

Yes, you can add District calendars to your Google Calendar view with these steps:

  1. Go to Google Calendar
  2. Click on the down arrow on the left side of the screen next to Other Calendars
  3. Choose From URL
  4. Type or paste in the link

(for example, the Academic Calendar is

  1. You can click the checkbox to make the calendar publicly accessible to others.
  2. Click Add calendar