Paramus High School offers an extended learning opportunity via Educere Virtual Education, K-12. Educere is an educational service working in partnership with PHS to offer self-motivated and self-disciplined students an opportunity to pursue an area of particular interest, above and beyond the curriculum offered at PHS, via an online platform.

Who can request to enroll in an online Educere course?

This opportunity is open to students in grades 10, 11 and 12 who are presently passing all PHS courses, have no failures from the previous semester, and have the endorsements noted below.

What is the registration process?

Students must complete the Educere Extended Learning Application Form. A counselor endorsement is required and will be automatically and electronically requested as part of this form approval process. Students must discuss the intent to complete the application with the counselor prior to submission. A history of fulfilling academic responsibilities and demonstrating a high level of self-motivation must be evident upon review of past academic achievements.

Applications are due no later than the 5th day of school in September of each school year. During the initial course selection process, students must provide an alternate course selection. Verification of Educere course enrollment will occur when student schedules are finalized.

Are there any restrictions to taking an online course via Educere?

Yes. Students may not register for a course that is currently offered at PHS. In addition, students may not use an Educere course to fulfill a graduation requirement. Educere extended learning opportunities are intended only to expand the PHS course catalog and provide opportunities for exploring interests beyond what the high school curriculum can offer.

Who is the Educere Extended Learning Opportunity Coordinator?

Ms. Shannon Moran - is the designated site coordinator for this program. Ms. Moran will register students for the selected course(s), monitor student progress, facilitate the submission of grades for the transcript record, and communicate with parents/guardians regarding any concerns.


Educere ELO Courses