Classroom pictures

In honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, each class made a door decoration as an expression of faith!

Doors of Faith are in our hallways!!!!!!

PreK 3, PreK 4 and Kindergarten are learning about worms!

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Worms 3.mp4
Worms 1.mp4

2017-2018 School Year Oct. Pictures

The second grade class worked on a unit about dogs. The students were asked to build a "Dog House" using the following materials: 12 craft sticks, scrap paper, masking tape, and 20 interlocking cubes. Students needed to design their house before they worked in collaborative groups with a limited assigned time. Ms. Davis - Scholle, 2nd grade teacher, presented a powerpoint on the review of their dog unit. Students used their design to begin the engineering process: defining the problem, imagine and generate ideas on how to solve the problem, design a plan, create the house, test out the house, make improvements, and finally share their results! It was very interesting seeing the students talk about their design with their peers and how they needed to improve their structure.

Mrs. Kabara's Third Grade students made Rosary Beads with our OLV Seniors!