We are moving forward with STREAM Activities!

Parents and Friends of OLV,

I made these webpages for you to witness all of the wonderful activities that are occurring at OLV school! This year we are focusing on STREAM experiences which stands for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Music! I will try to capture some of the wonderful lessons our professional, dedicated, and faith filled teachers are doing in their classrooms!

To fully enjoy these webpages, you must navigate through the many pages listed. If you are on a desktop computer, click on the tabs on top of the screen. If you are using a mobile device or tablet, click on the bars on the top left corner for the additional pages. If you are looking for a school for your child(ren), come to one of our monthly open houses or call for a personal tour and see our students in action! God Bless!


What is STREAM? The STREAM models incorporates Catholic identity in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. This model emphasizes 21 st century skill applications which prepares students for college readiness and a 21st career .

How long will it take to completely implement STREAM lessons? OLV School is in Phase I this year. Teachers will incorporate STREAM project based learning in at least 3-5 lessons.

How will the faculty be prepared to do STREAM projects? The teachers will attend professional development NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) workshops, visit STREAM schools and reach out to schools across the nation. Teachers will discuss their projects together at least once a month at their PLC meetings.

Why implement STREAM into OLV School? Our educational philosophy is to deliver a climate of innovation on all areas of instruction and foster a educational environment which encourages group collaboration, problem solving, and higher order thinking.

Will STREAM change the curriculum? STREAM will only enhance our curriculum.

How much time will be used to carry out STREAM activities? STREAM activities will be independently executed depending on the project itself.

How will STREAM assist my child in High School and beyond? STREAM will increase the literacy content of all students to become problem solvers and use their higher order thinking skills.

Will STREAM affect the cost of tuition? No, there is no additional cost to the tuition. Grants and private donations will be used to supplement the cost.

STREAM Resources: