December Pictures !

December 2018 Christmas Concert and Classroom Pictures

OLV School had it's annual Christmas concert featuring students in grades PreK 3 - 8.

This year's student performances were outstanding! Students sang and performed with great feeling and emotion! It truly was a beautiful evening of Christmas songs! Thank you to our music teacher, Mrs. Beth Lucas, for orchestrating such a superb show!! Everyone left the Christmas Concert with their hearts ready for Christmas morning! Baby Jesus is on His way!

My Movie 2.mp4

DECEMBER 2018 - Saint Nick visited our school today!!!

December 2018 After learning about the mummification process, the 6th grade students took part in a group STEM challenge. Using paint, paint brushes, cans with lids, and clay, students designed canopic jars. In ancient Egypt, human organs were removed and preserved inside canopic jars. Using apples slices, students measured the mummification process by adding salt, baking soda, and/or vinegar to their apples. They placed the apples into the jar and wrote down the exact measurements of ingredients that they used. Throughout the course of four days students monitored the progress of the apples and recorded what they observed. We then discussed which ingredients best preserved the apples.

Our 6th graders are learning about Egypt's mummification process in a really cool way!

The Third Grade completed a STREAM project on forces and motion. They created their own carnival game and had to explain how force and motion relates to their game.

Stream Project Garbage.mp4
Stream Project Rollar Ramp.mp4
Stream Project Magic Gymnastics.mp4
Stream Project Roller Ball.mp4
Stream Project Stick It.mp4
Stream Project Balloon Toss.mp4
Stream Project Moving Hoops.mp4
Stream Project Tube Hoop.mp4
Elf for Hire Video.mp4

Third Grade "Elf for Hire"

OLV Christmas Concert was a huge hit! PreK 3 - Grade 8 students sang Christmas songs, danced to Christmas rap, acted out the nativity scene and bell choir rang bells!

Saint Nicholas came to visit the Kindergarten class today!