January Pictures

Polar Plunge 2020

First Penance 2020

Polar Plunge January 2019 was a lot of fun! Many of our parents, students, teachers, including the principal, came out for the plunge! Great Day!

Grandparents' Day was a big hit!

January 2018

Mrs. Hockenjos class had a great time today. To show their understanding of the rock cycle, the seventh students used a choice board to select a project. Some students did a play, some wrote a story and these students created a game.


Coding is BIG at OLV!!!! Katherine, 5th grade student, created her own coding game called "Victorian Dress Up Remix"

Congratulations on your hard work!

She is going to share this with the younger students and see if a large company will patent her creation !

Second graders made rain clouds today in their class today!

STEAM Rain clouds in a jar experiment was achieved today in the Second grade classroom! ! Students were able to understand the characteristics of a Rain Forest by creating a water cloud by using shaving cream, water, jar, food coloring, and eye dropper.


Environmental Assembly for grades K-5

Students enjoyed the Grand Falloons performed an assembly about our environment and how we can keep our planet clean. The students and teachers enjoyed the actors comedic and the serious sense of the presentation. Everyone walked away from the assembly with the important reminder that we all can help keep our planet clean! This assembly was provided by The County of Middlesex, Division of Solid Waste Management.


Mrs. Hockenjos Class worked on building structures that could hold sand.


The 2018 Polar Plunge at sea Bright was a blast !

Thank you parents and students for supporting OLV School!