November 2018

Classroom Pictures

We celebrate and honor our Veterans!

Veteran's Day Program was held on November 9th for men and women who served our country! The day began with lunch cooked by one of our teachers, Ms. Joanne Hockenjos and following lunch, she prepared a program that included student performances from various grades.

Classroom pictures

Have Your Seen Our Turkeys.mp4

Veteran's Day Celebration 2017

STREAM activity: Motion and Stability

The First grade students explored a STREAM activity on Motion and Stability. Students worked like engineers by designing roller coasters from foam pool noodles. Students discussed how the motion of an object that is moving at a constant speed and direction be changed; predict the future motion of an object based on the pattern of its past motion; what path an object follows after being thrown horizontally through the air.

At highlight of the lesson, students worked in groups and shared their designs. Each design was tried out using the form noodles to see if the marble was able to go through the roller coaster design easily.

Third Graders and their turkeys!

Help! The third grade turkeys are missing! The turkeys decided to disguise themselves so they would not be found for Thanksgiving dinner! The students wrote a descriptive story about their turkeys and where you might find them! Can you find our turkeys?


PreK 4 students make Apple Sauce!