Student Led Assembly

Every month a class leads the school-wide assembly ! Students create the ideas for the performance which they execute in front of their peers. This time allows us to celebrate our faith, learn facts about our saints, and the Beatitudes! Our spiritual theme of the year is expressed with love and vigor! Learn! Proclaim! Lead!

February 2019

January 2019

December 2018

The 7th Grade students created a play, power-point and poems on Mother Theresa and the Beatitude # 3! It was a great celebration of our faith!

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November 2018

5th grade students presented an assembly on Saint Rose of Lima and the Beatitudes!

October 2018

8th grade students present an assembly on Saint Anthony and the Beatitudes!

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May Student Led Assembly

In May, our first grade students performed a play about Saint Paul of Tarus! The students did a fantastic job leading the assembly and singing a song!

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To learn more about Saint Paul :

Paul of Tarsus, also known as St Paul, (AD 9–67) was a Messianic Jewish-Roman, Turkishwriter and rabbi. He wrote the Pauline Epistles in the New Testament. It is believed that he wrote thirteen books of the Bible, all of which are letters to churches and Christians, encouraging them, helping them to understand Christian teaching and helping them to live Christian lives.

Paul's name was originally Saul. He grew up learning both the Jewish law and the Greekways of discussing things. When the Christian movement began, after the death of Jesus, he was strongly against it. He worked for the Roman Government and helped lead the arrests and killing of many Christians in Israel and the nearby area.

While he was on the road to Damascus in search of Christians there, he had a vision. In the vision Jesus Christ spoke to him, telling Saul that his persecution of Christians was a persecution of Jesus himself, and that it did not please God. Saul was blinded by the vision. A short time later he met Ananias, a disciple of Jesus, and his sight came back to him. (see Acts 22:12)

Saul was baptised as a Christian. He spent the next three years studying the Jewish scriptures again to find explanations for the Christian teachings. His experiences changed his viewpoint completely. He changed his name to Paul and he dedicated his life to serving Jesus Christ. He used his earlier education to explain his new faith to other people, and to discuss things with people who had other beliefs. He traveled around the Roman Empire, teaching others about Christianity, and wrote letters back and forth with the churches he helped to begin. The letters contain many important parts of Christian teaching.

Paul was put to death by orders of the emperor Nero in Rome, in 67 AD. He had the rights of a Roman citizen, which meant that he could be put to death by having his head cut off with a sword, rather than by crucifixion.

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April Student Led Assembly

Students Led Assembly was performed by the Third Grade students ! The students performed a drama about their class saint- St. Therese "The Little Flower". Then the students read facts about the saint and finally sang a song in her honor! The students learned many wonderful things about this saint!

Here are some facts about SAINT THERESE OF LISIEUX:

At the age of 14, on Christmas Eve in 1886, Therese had a conversion that transformed her life. From then on, her powerful energy and sensitive spirit were turned toward love, instead of keeping herself happy. At 15, she entered the Carmelite convent in Lisieux to give her whole life to God. She took the religious name Sister Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face. Living a hidden, simple life of prayer, she was gifted with great intimacy with God. Through sickness and dark nights of doubt and fear, she remained faithful to God, rooted in His merciful love. After a long struggle with tuberculosis, she died on September 30, 1897, at the age of 24. Her last words were the story of her life: "My God, I love You!" Excerpt taken from

For the month of March Student Led Assembly was presented by the 5th grade class. The students performed a play about their classroom saint- Saint Rose of Lima! We learned many things about this special saint. "This South American saint was born in Lima, in Peru. Her real name was Isabel, but she was such a beautiful baby that she was affectionately called Rose. As Rose grew older, she became more and more beautiful. One day her mother put a wreath of flowers on her head to show off her loveliness to friends. But Rose did not like that. She only wanted Jesus to notice her and love her. Rose did not think she was special because of her beauty. She realized that beauty is a gift from God. She even became afraid that her beauty might be a temptation to someone. She noticed people staring at her with approval. She heard them say that her complexion was smooth and beautiful. So she did an unusual thing: she rubbed her face with pepper until her skin became all red and blistered so that people would not find her beautiful anymore. St. Rose worked hard to support her parents who were very poor. She humbly obeyed them, too, except when they tried to get her to marry. That she would not do. Her love for Jesus was so great that when she talked about him, her face glowed. Rose prayed that her parents would allow her to live for Jesus. The devil often tried to tempt her and there were times when she had to suffer terrible loneliness and sadness. During those times, God seemed far away. Yet she cheerfully offered all these troubles to him. She kept praying for her trust to grow stronger. In her last long, painful sickness, this brave young woman used to pray: "Lord, increase my sufferings, and with them increase your love in my heart." She was just thirty-one when she died on August 24, 1617, in Lima. St. Rose is the patron saint of the Americas, Philippines and West Indies."

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The February Students Led Assembly was performed by the 4th grade students with the assistance of their teacher, Ms. Clare Aker. The 4th grade students taught us about Saint Valentine by singing, acting in a short play and signing a song! We left the assembly with a new love for this Saint Valentine and a better understanding of who he was.

Who Was St. Valentine?

Valentine was a priest in the Catholic Church. He lived in Rome, Italy, in the 200s. At this time, an emperor, who many called Claudius the Cruel because he liked entering into wars, decided to ban people from getting married! He did this because nobody wanted to join his army and he needed men for his wars. He thought they'd be more interested in going to war if they weren't married. Legend says that Valentine didn't agree with this new rule and secretly performed marriage ceremonies for couples in love.

Sadly, when Claudius the Cruel discovered this, Valentine was thrown into jail and sentenced to death. Legend says that he left a note for his jailer's daughter who had become a friend. It said, 'From Your Valentine.' This was the beginning of a tradition we still have today when we sign our Valentine's Day cards.

On February 14, 278 AD, Valentine was beheaded. His death marks the date for Valentine's Day. Valentine was considered a martyr. A martyr is a person who was killed because of their religion or other strong beliefs.

January Student Led Assembly was filled with many creative expressions of our Catholic faith! Mrs. Hockenjos' sixth grade students created a presentation about their classroom saint - Saint Vincent DePaul. The students also taught us about the Epiphany , acted out a dramatic interpretation of the Three kings and made a puppet show that they made into a video about the Three Kings. The ended the Student Led Assembly by doing a terrific song as a tribute to St. Vincent DePaul that expressed the importance of helping people in need. Everyone left the auditorium with our spirits lifted.

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Mother Teresa of Kolkata - St. Theresa Saint Teresa of Calcutta - December

7th Grade students led the Student Led Assembly with drama, songs, power points and discussion!

It was a great collaborative effort! The 7th graders also created a presentation on Advent and ended by singing O Come, O Come Emmanuel!

Saint Francis - November Student Led Assembly - Second Grade

The Second Grade students led the November Assembly for the entire school. They taught us some interesting facts about St. Francis, sang a song about forgiveness and led the students in a Turkey-Thanksgiving song! Students, teachers and parents had a great time!

Saint Anthony - October Student Led Assembly - 8th grade

Saint Anthony Skit.mp4

In October, the 8th grade class led the school in learning about St. Anthony. The class created a video using a "green screen" which highlighted St. Anthony' s life. The 8th graders led the students in a scavenger hunt with trying to find the saint and ended their presentation with a song to St. Anthony to the tune of Sweet Chariot. It was our first student led assembly and they were terrific !