March Pictures

Dr. Seuss Day 2020 was a great hit with our students! They read over 200 books in one day! The Middle School students read to the lower grade students! Everyone wore red, black and white in honor of the special day!

In March 2020 Ms West, an OLV School parent and children book author visited K- 4 students and read her famous book called "The Warrior in Me" !

The students enjoyed listening to the book "The Warrior in Me" read by the author Ms. West and asked many questions about being an author!!!

March 2019 We are celebrating Dr. Seuss Day!!! All the Students brought in their own Dr. Seuss books and the older students read their books with the younger students! All the adults and students are wearing red, white and black today in honor of Cat in the Hat!!!! OLV makes learning fun! Students read 286 books today! See pictures below!

After Bishop Checchio led mass on Sunday, March 21st and he took a survey for the students who were completing their data collection for the National Geographic GeoChallenge.

Mrs. Beth Lucas teaches the third grade students "Hot Cross Buns" song on their own recorders.

The toddler program called " Moms, Tots and Teddy Bears" is off to a good start!

Dr Seuss Day March 2018 The older students read with the younger students!


First Grade

Third Grade St. Patrick's Day Writing.mp4