We aim to teach our children that mathematics is enjoyable and a useful tool. We provide firm grounding in the basic skills to enable the children to approach the subject with confidence. The school follows the Primary Strategy Framework and staff use a wide variety of materials to deliver the maths curriculum.

Mathematics work is not all book-work, but includes opportunities for practical work, investigations and the development of the skills needed to use calculators. A great emphasis is also put on the child’s ability to perform mental arithmetic. We also use an online personalised learning programme called Maths Whizz and encourage pupils from Years 3 to 4 to complete lessons per week at home. In year 5 and 6 children are given written maths homework to practise and consolidate what has been taught in class.

The balance and emphasis in the teaching of maths needs vary according to the stage of development which children have reached. It is important to establish the use of mathematical language, giving a high priority to practical work and discussions between teacher and child. Gradually, children are introduced to more formal and written methods of solving problems.