Early Years Foundation Stage


The following aims are those to which we will work in the children’s early years so that each child will have the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.

  1. to foster relationships between home and school/nursery for the benefit of the child.
  2. to facilitate smooth transition from home to school/nursery and promote continuity between different stages of development.
  3. to provide a secure and happy environment which stimulates curiosity and interest while providing the opportunity for quiet and privacy if needed.
  4. to provide a broad and balanced curriculum through which skills and concepts will be developed in order to work towards achieving the Early Learning


  1. to promote the acquisition, use and enjoyment of effective language.
  2. to promote learning through practical first-hand experiences and play opportunities.
  3. to provide time to reflect and return to experiences in order to consolidate learning
  4. to promote learning through the development of independence and self-confidence and a positive self image
  5. to promote self-respect and respect for others having regard for all races, cultures, religions and abilities.
  6. to identify children’s special needs and aptitudes to enable all children to experience success in learning


The curriculum of the EYFS underpins all future learning by supporting, fostering, promoting and developing children’s:

  1. personal, social and emotional well-being;
  2. positive attitudes and dispositions towards their learning;
  3. social skills;
  4. attention skills and persistence;
  5. language and communication;
  6. reading and writing;
  7. mathematical skills;
  8. knowledge and understanding of the world;
  9. physical development;
  10. creative development.


Our Nursery and Reception Topics are on a two year planning cycle

Year 1 of Cycle:

  1. Autumn: Ourselves & Journeys / Senses and Colours
  2. Spring: Weather/Traditional Tales
  3. Summer: Transport/Mini Beasts

Year 2 of Cycle

  1. Autumn: All about me/festivals
  2. Spring: Space/Dinosaurs
  3. Summer: Growing/Under the sea

To view the topics go to our class page or the curriculum over view.