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This handbook is designed to provide you with important information and resources to help you have a successful school year. As a parent or guardian, you play a crucial role in your child's education. We want to partner with you to ensure that your child receives the best possible education and support. This handbook is one of the tools we use to communicate with parents and families about our policies, procedures, and expectations.

We encourage you to review this handbook and bookmark it for future reference. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher, principal, or other school staff members. We value your feedback and input as we work together to support your child's success.

Thank you for entrusting your child's education to us. We look forward to a productive and rewarding school year!

Main Number
(405) 587-0000

PK-12 Schools
(405) 587-0049

Enrollment Office
(405) 587-0435

Board of Education
(405) 587-0000

Student and Family Support
Hotline support and connection to resources 

Technical Support
(405) 587-HELP
(405) -587-4357

Emotional  Support
(405) 587-FEEL
(405) -587-3335

Homeless Support
(405) 587-HOPE
(405) -587-4673

TIPS Reporting
(405) 587-STOP
(405) -587-7867


By providing equitable access to a world class education, every Oklahoma City Public Schools student will graduate ready to fulfill their unique purpose in a healthy, vibrant community.


Every day, Oklahoma City Public Schools will ignite a passion for learning in every child, invite families to engage, and inspire respectful and trusting relationships with our diverse community.

Vision for Equity

The Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) Board of Education envisions a future in which social factors are not predictive of student outcomes in OKCPS. The board has a responsibility to ensure equitable and fair educational opportunities for all students by allocating resources fairly and equitably, providing diverse learning opportunities, and demonstrating a commitment to equity and fairness across the school district. Educational equity is defined as making decisions strategically based upon the principles of fairness, which includes providing a variety of educational resources, models, programs, and strategies according to student needs that may not be the same for every student or school with the intention of leading to equality of academic outcomes.

What We Believe About Equity in OKCPS

OKCPS recognizes our responsibility to eliminate past, present, and predictable barriers to student success by ensuring that all students have access to ambitious instruction from educators with high aspirations, to needs-based allocation of resources (people, time, money), and to the support and advocacy needed to engage in high-quality and empowering learning opportunities regardless of their race, income, or other social factors, and to ambitious instruction from educators with high aspirations.