To improve the health & well-being of all students and staff
by empowering everyone to promote and model positive attitudes and behaviors through a lifelong commitment to wellness.

Wellness Wheel

8 Dimensions of Wellness.
All of the dimensions are interconnected and important
to a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle. Click on the wheel f
or details on each dimension. Click here to learn more.

Virtual Calming Rooms

This Virtual Calming Room is a place for students, families and staff to find tools and strategies for managing emotions and feelings and building our resilience during this pandemic. Click here to see all the virtual calming rooms.

Walking/Jogging Routes

Want to see walking/jogging routes in your community? We've used Map My Run to calculate running/walking routes in the local community that show the location, mileage & elevation. Click here to visit the walking/jogging page.

Aultman Ambassador Program

Aultman Ambassador Program looks to improve the overall health and well-being of youth by providing resources on the through the five core principles of Hydration, Nutrition, Stress, Physical Activity, & Sleep, Click here to learn more.


In connection with the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, we are interconnected with other organizations to better reach our potential. Click on each logo or name for more information.