Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) Dept


Concerned Leaders with Sound Character


To nurture every child to be a responsible citizen of good character, with resilience to meet the challenges of a borderless world, through values education.

Our Belief and Approach:

Character and Citizenship Education is an integral part of the students’ holistic development.

The school believes in creating a C.A.R.I.N.G community of Fuchunians. The CCE programmes are planned and designed using the Head, Heart and Hand approach with the intent that every Fuchunian will be a pupil of Character, grounded in values and given opportunities to excel in the area of Aesthetics. We also help pupils to Reach their fullest potential, be an Independent learner, contribute towards Nation building, and Giving to society.

Through our programmes, we aim to inculcate in our students the five school values of Respect, Care, Responsibility, Integrity and Perseverance, as well as to equip them with social and emotional competencies.


Our students acquire knowledge on values and citizenship and SEL Competencies through explicit teaching and experiential programmes.


Our students internalise the values and knowledge learnt and translate them into their thoughts, words and deeds towards self, family, peers, community and country.


Our students impact themselves and others positively, contribute back to the society by serving the school and the community.

CCE Programmes

The following provides an overview of the CCE programmes to inculcate values and social emotional competencies in our students: