Homeroom Programme

Our Homeroom Programme which embarked in 2018, aims to dedicate time to building positive Teacher-Student relationships (TSR), Student-Student relationships (SSR), and nurturing positive dispositions in our students. During the first period of each day, students learn values and Social-Emotional competencies to shape their character. The programme comprises vibrant and interesting content for each day of the week; #FreshMonday, #UnitedTuesday, #BondingWednesday, #LearningThursday and #FriendlyFriday.


The students spend time bonding with their classmates and teachers through fun activities. They are also given the chance to work on building relationships through communicating and connecting with others. It is important that students have the opportunity to build friendships with their peers and have the chance to nurture positive teacher-student relationships during their time at school.

#friendly Wednesday

Lessons focussing on positive education are conducted on Wednesdays to provide a platform for students to pick up social skills. Students engage in activities and discussions with their classmates and teachers to prepare them with skills such as growth mindset and having empathy and compassion for others.

Through the variety of activities daily, we hope to enthuse Fuchunians about learning and equipping themselves with new knowledge and skills to become gracious leaders of tomorrow who are holistically developed and future-ready.

Let’s Celebrate is our way of affirming our students. We believe that when delivered effectively, praises and affirmation can give our students the drive and motivation to continue doing great work. Celebrating the accomplishments of our students builds their confidence step-by-step and this confidence builds itself into achievement and results in big wins for everyone. The certificates awarded to deserving students include “being Super at Adapting to a New Class”, “for participating actively in class activities” and “for having a Growth Mindset”. We hope our students will continue to put forth their best efforts!

The Fuchun Values Award (FVA) is given out termly to students who demonstrate the school values of Passion for Learning, Integrity, Empathy, Resilience and Respect (P.I.E.R2). These values are important for the holistic growth of each and every Fuchunian to become gracious citizens of Singapore. The school values, aligned to the core values of Character and Citizenship Education, play an essential role in character building. The expected behaviours and actions based on their character strength and learning dispositions are communicated to the students. At the end of each term, the students who have displayed the values consistently, are nominated by the Form Teachers to be recipients of the Fuchun Values Award.

Some shots of our pupils during Homeroom

Our Let's Celebrate and FVA Awardees