Home Skills Programme

A signature programme in the CCE curriculum in Fuchun Primary is the Home Skills Programme. Started in 2006 with the intent to equip “latch key” pupils with life skills, it has since evolved to allow opportunities for authentic learning through the integration of the learning of other subjects such as Math, Science, English and Health Education. This programme comprises lessons on basic cooking and sewing skills which are pitched to the students’ readiness, motor skills and interests. Through this programme, students learn to be independent and self-reliant, and also pick up decision-making skills.

The integration of selected concepts is carefully planned such that they are progressive in nature and aligned with the syllabus of the different subjects. “How did the pasta become soft after boiling? “What happened to the cheese when sprinkled over the hot pasta? These are examples of questions posed to the P5 students during their home skills lessons. They learn or revisit the Science concepts of States of Matter and Heat while preparing the pasta dish. Food nutrition is also incorporated into the lessons in collaboration with the Physical Education department and in consultation with the School Health Advisor from the Health Promotion Board. Pupils practice numeracy when calculating calories in their choice of food items, as well as in oracy as they build their confidence when presenting their work to the class.