Aesthetically Responding to Shine (ARTS)

Learning for Life Programme

Aesthetically Responding To Shine (ARTS) in Music and Performing Arts

“The only constant in life is change.’ -- Heraclitus, Greek philosopher (500 B.C.)

What great foresight he had for today’s VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world! Today’s context implies that no one method of teaching ensures that our students will learn all that they ever need to move on in life. Well aware of this, here in Fuchun, we aim to instill in every Fuchunian the thirst for musical knowledge and equip them with the love of learning of music to ensure that every one of them will have the resilience it takes to continue their pursuit of music in their own way, even after they leave the school.

Fuchun Primary School’s signature Learning for Life Programme (LLP) - Aesthetically Responding To Shine (ARTS) offers an established school-wide music curriculum that enables all pupils to not just be passionate about music but also play a range of instruments, critically appreciate music, and create music that is expressive of life through feeling, the senses and the imagination. It does not end there as students are encouraged to apply what they have learnt and contribute back to the community.

The school’s customised 6-year music curriculum incorporates the teaching of both melodic instruments and percussive instruments and aids to develop a strong musical foundation in all students. Music skills are not taught in isolation but put in context for the students to further develop their ability to respond aesthetically. They have ownership over their performances and are able to decide on instrumentation as well as performance directions under the guidance of the specialist music teachers. Students are guided to tap on their imagination and are groomed to become confident performers who showcase their creative talents at various platforms such as class presentations during Assembly and Art Jam sessions during recess. Students also get the opportunity to perform for the public at Fuchun's biennial “Fuchun Arts Nite”.

2021 Primary 3 Level
2021 Primary 3 Level Performances

The school also has a vibrant CCA performing arts scene comprising of the Brass Band, String Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Choir and International Dance. Opportunities and platforms are structured in to strengthen the students’ knowledge and skills, as well as build their confidence in performance. The performing arts groups take part in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Art (SYF) Presentations and in the Trinity London College Certification Examinations during the non-SYF years. Over the years, the school’s Brass Band has performed several times at the Istana and also collaborated with the National Institute of Education (NIE) Winds to put up a community concert as part of the SG50 celebrations in 2015. In 2019, the school Choir took part in the Singapore International Choral Festival in August. As a keen advocate and supporter of the Arts, the school was invited by the Arts Education Branch, MOE to host the first school-based roadshow concert for the Singapore National Youth Orchestra (SNYO) in March 2016.

Brass Band Social Media Slides

The school also has a strong partnership with SNYO. Fuchun Primary students from Brass Band have been exposed to orchestral repertoire through ensemble practices by SNYO's brass tutors that simulate the rigor of SNYO rehearsals. Some students have been talent spotted through these practices and auditioned successfully into SNYO training orchestra. At the 2018 and 2016 biennial “Fuchun Arts Nite”, students also had the opportunity to perform together with SNYO musicians. In 2019, the SNYO extended the partnership with the school where students in the String Ensemble benefitted from the masterclasses conducted by the Assistant Conductor of SNYO, Mr Lin Juan, who is also part of the School Advisory Committee (SAC).