Social Studies Dept

Our Vision

Every Fuchunian, a Concerned Citizen

Our Mission

To nurture students into informed, concerned and participative citizens through inquiry and authentic learning experiences

Our Approach

Aligned to the Singapore Social Studies (SS) curriculum, we hope to prepare our students to be citizens of tomorrow through a better understanding of the relationship between Singapore and the world they live in. Through our lessons, we seek to arouse the students’ curiosity to think deeper into real-world issues that concern their lives. Through inquiry and authentic learning experiences that the students undergo during their SS lessons, they gain relevant knowledge and are able to have a better understanding of these issues in order to hone their critical and reflective thinking skills. We also hope to inculcate in our students a deeper understanding of the values that define the Singaporean society through the learning experiences provided during SS lessons. As such, we envision all Fuchunians to be informed, concerned and participative citizens who are capable of quality decision-making processes and have an impassioned spirit to contribute responsibly to the world we all live in.

Our Programmes

As the SS syllabus is progressive in nature, there are several programmes and activities that are designed for the respective levels to achieve the intended learning goals.

(i) Strengthen & Support

The Fun on Foot Trail is designed to help our students gain a better understanding of themselves and their immediate environment. Students explore the school, going to different locations to get the necessary information needed to answer the questions posed.

Students will have opportunities to go on Learning Journeys to Kampong Glam, Chinatown and Little India to explore and appreciate the cultural diversity in Singapore. Such authentic learning experiences shape the students’ development through experiences that they have, which include using their five senses to soak in the rich cultural aspects these places have to offer. Besides that, students also learn to understand and respect the cultural differences as well as to embrace diversity.

(ii) Stretch

Students from Primary 3 to Primary 6 levels are tasked to undertake various projects and performance tasks aligned to the learning objectives outlined in the syllabus. This learning experience enables students to work collaboratively and engage in active discussions on real-life issues.