Student Leadership

Our Belief: A Concerned Leader in Every Fuchunian

The school believes that every student has the potential to be a leader as his or her thoughts, words, and actions can have a positive influence on self and others.

FCPS Student Leadership Framework

The school has developed a four-tiered student leadership framework which aims to develop our students into leaders with the competencies to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Our approach to leadership development is guided by the following key principles:

  • Every Fuchunian can be a leader

  • Leadership opportunities and training should be intentional and progressive

Tier 1 – Personal Leadership

  • Students go through Character & Values Education, FTGP lessons and specially curated activities during Homeroom #FreshMondays to build and develop their Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and 21st Century Competencies (21 CC). Personal Leadership forms the foundation of the FCPS Student Leadership Framework which supports the students in undertaking greater responsibilities in the other tiers.

Tier 2 - Class Leadership (Class Committee)

  • The students take on roles in the Class Committee to assist the teachers in the daily class routines. These class leaders are engaged in role-specific trainings to equip them with the skills and knowledge to manage their duties in class. Class Committee roles are rotated every semester to provide more leadership opportunities for Fuchunians to serve.

  • The Class Committee also acts as a platform to identify students with strong leadership potential to take on the roles in the next tier.

Tier 3 – School Level Leadership (Prefects & CCA Leaders)

  • Students who demonstrate strong leadership qualities are nominated for the role of Prefects and CCA Leaders by the teachers in this tier.

  • The school has adopted the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership Model to develop the leadership skills of our Student Leaders. The Student Leaders at this tier go through ‘The Leadership Challenge’ to develop and equip themselves with the desired skills to further support them in their leadership duties and build on their leadership potential.

  • The Student Leaders are given opportunities to apply and demonstrate their learning by being involved in Service Learning, Teachers’ Day Celebration and VIA activities.

Tier 4 – School Level Mentorship (Prefect Mentors, Head and Vice-Head Prefects, Prefects Managers and CCA Chairperson & CCA EXCO)

  • The key Student Leaders in this tier undergo school-based mentorship programmes to equip them with the skills to guide and mentor the tier 3 Student Leaders in their duties.

  • They are given opportunities to be involved in planning and organizing school events and community outreach programmes. They will also act as facilitators to lead and engage tier 3 Student Leaders in the activities.

Other than the provision of training workshops and opportunities to apply their learning, the FCPS Student Leadership Programme also aims to promote student agency and voice among the student leaders so that they can exert greater positive influence among their peers and the rest of the student cohorts.

Student Leaders Investiture 2022

The Student Leaders’ Investiture was held to recognise and affirm the efforts of our student leaders, and formally introduced them to the school community. With the resumption of physical assemblies, the P4 to P6 students had the opportunity to witness the ceremony in the school hall, with the P1 to P3 students watching it live in their classroom.

We are honoured to have our Guest-of-Honour, Mr Edmund Lau, who is a member of the School Advisory Committee and also the school alumni, to grace the event. Our newly appointed Head Prefect and CCA Chairperson gave their inspiring speeches and led the students in reciting the Student Leaders’ Pledge.

The Leadership Challenge 2021

In line with MOE’s strategic thrust on values-driven, holistic student development and our mission to develop a community of future-ready learners, the school has adopted the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner to develop the leadership skills of our students. Through the provision of training workshops and opportunities for the student leaders to apply their learning, the FCP Student Leadership Programme aims to promote student agency and voice among the student leaders so that they can exert greater positive influence among their peers and the rest of the student cohorts.

Student Leaders' Meetings 2021 & 2022

To promote student agency and voice among the student leaders, Student Leaders' meetings are conducted by the Student Leaders EXCO team. During the sessions, student leaders bonded with one another, discussed and planned projects and tasks assigned and they were also briefed and given feedback on their assigned duties.

Class Monitors' Trainings 2022

In FCPS, students get to experience leadership in the class committee as monitors in the different subject areas. To better prepare them for their roles and responsibilities, face-to-face / online training sessions are conducted for them. The training session for the Class Monitors aims to equip them with leadership skills and knowledge through games, teachers' demonstration and scenario-based discussions.

Teachers' Day Celebration 2021

Guided by the teachers in the Student Management & Leadership Department, the P5 Student Leaders planned and executed the Teachers’ Day Celebration this year. The celebration saw the birth of a Superhero - Super G to advocate the importance of gratitude and teach Fuchunians how they can show their gratitude & appreciation to their teachers through the Five Languages of Love. The teachers also received doorknob hangers made by the student leaders as their Teachers’ Day gift. The event ended on a high note with a song, A Pandemic Thank You, written by Ms Cheryl Kayla Ng and the P6 CCA EXCO leaders. (Original Music – Photograph by Ed Sheeran)

FCPS Cheer

To promote and strengthen students’ affiliation, the P6 Student Leaders were tasked to work together to create a school cheer that is uniquely Fuchun. Hence, they came up with the FCPS Cheer which encompasses the school spirit in all Fuchunians – Never backing down from challenges and we do our best!