Senior Years Programme & Pathways Guide 2019

A Message from Mr Wright

Here is our Pathways and Programme Guide for 2019 which presents programmes of learning that will allow our students to explore pathways and qualifications leading to Certificates in NCEA to Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Over recent years, the flexibility of taking multi-level (NCEA Levels 1, 2, and 3) courses in the one year has been made possible and therefore increased the chances of individually tailoring groups of programmes to meet our students’ needs and aspirations. We have also been able to introduce school-based courses to take advantage of our students’ unique characters and strengths.

Our 2019 student programmes will include those developed specifically for NCEA qualifications, including those provided by other accredited educational institutions. Our special school-based courses are the Marine Academy, Outdoor Education, Gateway, Performing Arts Technology, the Aeroplane Build, Horticulture, Edu-Caterers, Building and Carpentry Allied Trades programme, Engineering & Associated Trade Skills programme, Earth & Space Science, Apiary programme and Equine programme.

Additionally we have incorporated information about the six major Vocational Pathways. You will see how these pathways are part of all the programmes and courses students can select. This infomation also assists students, parents and deans in acknowledging potential vocational pathways that maybe of interest in the future.

We are desirous that every student is able to achieve to their potential, be it academic, sporting, cultural or otherwise, and the philosophy of our school is to provide a balanced all-round education to achieve this. The difficulty of trying to provide a wide range of option choices is that there are sometimes significant organisational and timetabling problems which may affect student choice. However, we have found over the years that by individual counselling, along with family involvement, most students are able to work out satisfactory programmes of study.

It is very important that students plan ahead not just into next year but further into the future. Students with a goal for tertiary or university studies need to make sure they are taking courses that will enable them to meet entry requirements. Our Pathways and Programme guide allows students to track forward and identify the route to their intended or prospective course of study to ensure they have the correct course structure to meet their qualification objectives.

The purpose of this booklet is to advertise the full range of programmes available so that students, parents and caregivers can discuss them fully, and subsequently make informed and realistic decisions.

To students we say, do not miss out on the vast opportunities our school provides. It is in your interest not to leave school until you have gained the highest educational qualifications possible and you have a clear career pathway ahead of you. We are here to work alongside you to plan your programme of study and to guide you in the remarkable pathways that lie ahead.