From January 2018, students at Lordswood Boys' School will be placed into new tutorial groups, which we will now call literacy groups, based on their current reading age. Furthermore, our most able readers - The Elite Team, will act as peer mentors in supporting the 12 Literacy groups and their tutor. This is an extremely exciting undertaking which will transform our expectations of how students access all literacy devices. Our goal is to simply narrow the gap between students reading and chronological age. The details outlined below provide a wealth of information regarding this new initiative.

Literacy Update @ LBS


Throughout the Spring Term we have been focusing on Literacy. The importance of Literacy cannot be underestimated and it is essential that all of our students leave Lordswood Boys being able to communicate effectively.

Our focus for this term has been on reading for pleasure. Time during morning registration is spent on reading and spelling. We have been using the STAR reading test to measure the development of our students. During this term, students have, on average, made 3.3 months progress in addition to the normal expected chronological progress.

To support your son in his development here are a few strategies you can use at home:

  • Encourage your son to read for at least 20 minutes per day.
  • Help your son choose a range of texts to read. These may include newspapers, short stories, articles from the internet etc.
  • Take time to discuss what your son has just read with him to check his understanding, for example:
  • If you were to tell another person about what you have just read, and you could use only a few sentences, what would you tell them?
  • What do you think might happen next?
  • Did you have any problems while you were reading? What were they? How did you get past them?
  • Help your son with his spellings by testing him regularly. Ask him to use the word in a sentence and check his understanding.

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