Literacy Builds Success

Literacy Highlights - Weeks 13-15

Our Year 11s worked tirelessly this week on their mock examination eager to find out what they did well and, more importantly, where their gaps are.

Literacy Planners

All of our boys have literacy planners in which they keep track of their reading, reading ages, literacy targets, well as recording homework. This book is the single most important tool our boys have at their disposal to improve their own literacy. Here are some superb examples...

This week, we had a succession of students who presented to staff in briefing and some who were so keen to show off their excellent work. Exceptional young men!

Thimblemill Library Visits

The trips to Thimblemill Library continued this week with all of year 10 going to choose addition to the ones they have from our school library. Our boys can't get enough!

Reading Intervention

Our focus on improving reading continues with our boys taking part in a range of reading interventions and strategies...

Literacy Highlights - Weeks 9-12

Many of our boys wrote poems this week focusing on Remembrance - they were incredibly heart-warming!

Our students were eager to improve their oracy skills when discussing apprenticeships during 'Personal Development Day' on 15th November!

Our students were eager to improve their oracy skills when discussing apprenticeships during 'Personal Development Day' on 15th November!

During 'Personal Development Day' on 15th November, our boys continued to develop their literacy independently whilst focusing on apprenticeships and career options!

Our boys work on their reading and literacy development in the holidays too...well done, boys - keep up the drive for improvement!

Winners of the Halloween Writing Competition - well done, boys!

Winner of the Half-term Reading Challenge - well done!

Winner of the Half-term Reading Challenge - well done!

Winner of the Half-term Reading Challenge - well done!

Literacy Highlights - Weeks 5-8

Over the past 4 weeks, literacy has continued to be the number one priority here at Lordswood Boys' School. In this short period of time we have: welcomed our volunteers in week after week (see photo collages below); launched a focus on spelling ages; focused heavily on student Literacy Planners to maximise the potential of these amazing resources; launched our termly library visits to Thimblemill; continued with our staff CPD focus on 'word level literacy' putting vocabulary at the centre of our teaching AND continued to collect donations for our book drive (over 430 now collected!) WOW! I'm sure you're tired just reading about it all! Please check out our photos below...



All students in years 7-10 are visiting Thimblemill Library at some point in October or November. This is an excellent opportunity for students to access a wider variety of books than we have in school. They seem to be enjoying it so far - here are our some of our year 7s!


This is our mission at Lordswood Boys' School. Improving literacy in general is supported massively by reading more often and reading a wider variety of texts. Much of what we do here is geared around this principle. Here are some photos of all the people who read with and listen to our boys read. EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of Lordswood staff reads at least once a week with a student - teachers, assistant teachers, librarians, administrators...EVERYONE! We have a group of especially dedicated volunteers who come in the support and we even had our local MP reading with the boys recently...can you spot her below? Thank you to everyone who makes our number one priority their priority too!

BOOK DRIVE - Mr McNally is driving a real push on book donations - here are just a few of the ones donated so far. Thank you to everyone who has brought in a book (or three) - we really appreciate you!

Literacy Highlights Weeks 1-4. What a wonderful start to the year!

This young man couldn't wait to talk about all of the books he'd read during the summer!

Our boys love the library and appreciate how our new librarian Mr McNally is organising it differently!

As well as reading independently at break times, lunch times and in literacy time, our boys engage really well in whole class reading. The year 8s are loving The Garbage King - their Foundation Studies set text!

The Garbage King work...

We encourage our boys to develop their independent literacy learning and we dedicate two literacy tutor periods a week to independent reading - here are our Dallas Cowboys and their leader Mrs O'Shaughnessy!

We encourage our students to keep a log of all the fantastic fiction (and non-fiction) that they are reading!

Our students practise their spellings ardently so they can beat their scores and become better spellers!

Our EAL reading skills programme has commenced in earnest - our boys are doing so well!

More spelling practice - diligence in action!