Damaged, Lost or

Devices Needing Repair

Getting Help

When school is in session requesting help for a device that needs repair is easy. High school and middle school students who take home devices each day can submit a repair ticket through Service Desk, which is our district wide ticketing system. Building based field technicians will reach out to students regarding their device and if necessary, based on breakage patterns, parents will be contacted. Elementary students do not take home devices and when there are repairs needed at the elementary level, teachers submit Service Desk repair requests for the devices in their classrooms.

If you have lost your device, your device is not working properly, or the device is damaged, we ask that you quickly submit a repair request. Your device will be replaced with a "loaner" which will become your new device. We do not guarantee that you will get the same model of device that you had previously, however, all Chromebooks work the same you will have no problems accessing your account or files.

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Lost and Damaged Devices

In Lexington, our middle schools and high school issue students an individual Chromebook, at no cost, for use in school and for school- related assignments. Additionally, the LPS technology department has field technicians that support each school. On occasion, devices are damaged due to accidents or minor wear and tear and those devices are able to be repaired. In general, we will repair devices as needed, based on that general wear and tear at no cost to students and families. In the event that damages take place frequently, or if a device is lost, parents and families may be assessed a fee.

In the case of damage, if a device has had significant damage due to neglect, or has had numerous repairs that appear to be a pattern, the technology department will work with building administrators to reach out to families and the cost for parts will be the responsibility of families. The process is as follows:

  1. First repair (based on repeated breakage or negligence); device is repaired at no cost to student/family. No communication is made to the family.

  2. Second repair (based on repeated breakage or negligence); device is repaired at no cost to student/family. A communication is sent to the family letting them know that the next device breakage/repair will be assessed a cost. This letter is shared with assistant principals, deans, and digital learning coaches (DLCs).

  3. Third repair and subsequent repairs (based on repeated breakage or negligence); parents are contacted, older loaner is provided and parents/family/student must cover the cost of repair parts.

  4. DLCs/field technicians will work with students to make sure they know how to properly care for their device.

**It is important to note that every situation is individually evaluated and reviewed with the Director of Innovation and Instructional Technology as well as building administrators.

In the event that a device is lost or stolen, students and families are responsible for replacement costs. As noted on the device care page, students should not leave devices unattended or anywhere they can be taken. We base replacement costs of devices on the original cost of the device, the expected life of the device, and the age of the device.

If a student loses his/her/their school-issued chromebook or has it stolen, please follow the protocol outlined here:

Replacement Cost Calculation

High School devices have a 4 year expected life span.

While not the actual cost, here is an example of how we would calculate a replacement cost for a lost or stolen device. For instance, if a high school device cost $400, with a four year life span, we calculate the cost at $100 per year.

Year 1: Full Replacement Cost (freshman year)

Year 2: $300 (sophmore year)

Year 3: $200 (junior year)

Year 1: $100 (senior year)

Middle School devices have a 3 year expected life span.

Similarly, for a middle school device, if the device cost $350, with a three year life span, the calculated cost would be $116 per year.

Year 1: Full replacement cost (6th grade year)

Year 2: $232 (7th grade year)

Year 3: $116 (8th grade year)

Payment for device replacement or parts must be made in check or money order (no cash) and need to be made payable to Town of Lexington. Unfortunately, we cannot use MCC for payment as devices have been paid for with capital funds raised by the town and therefore, funds must be returned to the town.

Chromebook Depreciation and Replacement Payment Schedule