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Student Related Technology Policies

The Lexington Public Schools is fortunate to be able to provide students with access to a wide range of technologies. Along with access to these technologies come the opportunities for students to learn and be exposed to risks. These risks, in some instances, could be harmful to students and the accountability for addressing these risks lies with the school district.

Every year, grade 6 and grade 9 students in Lexington receive new devices, and other students continue to use the devices that were either issued to them or that are available in classrooms. Lexington Public Schools provides an Acceptable Use Policiy (AUP)for students, along with Responsible Use Guidelines to help them safely and appropriately use technology provided to them and to make sure that families understand what students are responsible for in regards to behaviors while using district provided technology.

An AUP is an agreement between the student and the district designed to keep students safe online. This agreement allows them to explore the digital world as part of their education, instead of accessing inappropriate or harmful sites, such as bullying, school violence, pornography, etc.

In the fall of 2021, Lexington Public Schools updated and created a new acceptable use policy for students titled: STUDENT STANDARDS FOR THE ACCEPTABLE USE OF TECHNOLOGY. This policy in intended to help students and families understand the responsibilities of students as they use technology in LPS. The new policy can be found HERE.