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4/8 Debate Club: Homeschoolers playing Public School Sports/Activities or Assisted Suicide

Homeschoolers Links: School Review, Superintendents, Homeschool in General

Assisted Suicide Links: NPR Debates, Top 10 Pro/Con, Intelligence Debates

3/11 Debate Club: All issues education

2/18 Debate Club: Planning Session

1/8 Debate Club: Legalization of Recreational Marijuana or Homeschoolers playing Public School Sports/Activities

Marijuana Links: Pro/Con, Health Pro/Con, Many Topics About

Homeschoolers Links: School Review, Superintendents, Homeschool in General

12/11 Debate Club: Healthcare or Assisted Suicide

Healthcare Links: Pro/Con, 6 Simple Pro/Con, Canadian Style Health Care in US?

Assisted Suicide Links: NPR Debates, Top 10 Pro/Con, Intelligence Debates

11/13 Debate Club: Drug Testing or Paying NCAA Athletes

President: Hunter Reid

VP: Ellis Chowning

Using Google Tools in the Classroom

1. Cooperative Learning using Slides - In groups of 3, each student gets 1 part (and is graded ONLY on their part) to collectively create a bigger project. For pairs, they don't get more work, they just do their one and then another group allows them to copy and paste their missing part so that they have access to the complete project.)

* Student Examples - Renaissance Literature

* Student Examples - French Rev

2. Class sharing of an answer to get a larger snapshot of the concept.

* Student Examples - Harlem Renaissance

* Student Examples - Renaissance Literature (add on to assignment from above)

3. Articles Analysis - Linking multiple articles to more fully explore a subject.

4. Google My Maps (Share Resources to streamline research - this one goes with 'Analysis' assignment below)

* Intro

* Analysis

* Focus on one country

5. Pictures of White Board for Notes; Picture of White Board - notes that don't go well on Smart Board

6. Student Created Timeline & Questions

a. Timeline - assignment and sign up

b. Submit questions and answers

c. Making a Timeline using Slides

7. Interactive Slides Presentation - Students have questions embedded while also taking notes from a matching teacher Slides presentation. These can also be printed so that the students are writing by hand (which we know encodes better) and have the primary sources at hand).

* Student Example

8. Collective Notes - Students can each take one person/element to create notes, but then they have access to all.

a. Using Docs

b. Using Slides (Structured - small groups are given a topic plus requirements like primary resource + pic + notes)

9. Using 'Tables' in Google Docs to organize info.

a. Tables with Visuals - meant for a small group (Another one where they choose the visuals.)

b. Tables with critical thinking questions - meant for an individual or pair

10. PearDeck (Interactive PowerPoint) works with Slides - all kids must have a computer and login to PearDeck through the Student Login then they will login to your Presentation with the code you give them. They can write responses, choose from multiple choice answers, draw on the slide, et al.

a. Example 1

b. Example 2

11. Visual Analysis - Students can divide and conquer many visuals (in this case political cartoons)

12. Categorizing Many Pieces of Information - With this assignment, the students each drew 2-3 quotes/stances and had to categorize them. So the top was done as a class with each getting individual practice. Then in small groups, I had them add to their contribution to each answer at the bottom.

13. Diving into a Primary Resource

Debate Club

Debate Club will start in November

2018-19 Topics

Wednesday, January 9: Water Bottles or Technology?

Wednesday, February 13: Violent Video Games or Social Media?

Wednesday, March March 13: Should we lower the drinking age to 18?

Wednesday, April 3: Socialized Medicine or Worth of College?

Questions? Email Mrs. Harrold: or stop by Room 314

Schedule @ Lawson High School

1st Hour: World History

2nd Hour: World History

3rd Hour: International Relations (IR)

4th Hour: World History

5th Hour: College Soc/History

6th Hour: Plan

7th Hour: World History

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About Mrs. H

Mrs. Harrold has been teaching since 2000 after earning her BS in History and a BS in Social Studies Education. She then went on to earn a Master's degree in Education Administration. She has also coached volleyball throughout her career. Mrs. Harrold LOVES World History and Sociology the most but all of the Social Studies are the best subjects as they teach us why society is the way it is and people are the way they are. Mrs. Harrold's philosophy is to teach kids to think and use lessons from the past to make the world a better place and to prevent any more Hitlers from rising!