KIS Coaching Philosophy

Aligned with the KIS Mission Statement and Core Values, the Teaching and Learning Coaches are committed to building a positive culture of collaboration at KIS.

KIS Mission Statement:

To inspire students with a passion for learning and cultivate competence, self-assurance, initiative, and creativity necessary for success in the global community.

Coaching Philosophy: What we believe

We believe that an effective coach is a reflective educator who has the professional and current knowledge, practices, and resourcefulness to support learning through focus on Empathy, Emotional Safety, and Reliability.

KIS T&L Coaches are dedicated educators who focus on their growth and model lifelong learning practices to others. As such, their roles are to be a consultant, collaborator and coach with purposeful intention, continuous research of current pedagogy, and ongoing reflection. The coaches' role is not one of an evaluator at KIS; only the principals and the school director are in evaluative roles.