Vision and Mission

As a community of faith, we are in the process of re-envisioning our future. It is our desire to leverage our community involvement; to bring hope to challenged and hurting people.

We define Vision as that picture of what we believe Kildonan Community Church will look like in 5-plus years from now. We are in the midst of re-defining that picture. One thing is for sure; we believe that we must be in line with God's vision and mission which is summed up in the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. We believe that every church must be aligned with these before they look to God's guidance in determining where the local church's specific call is within God's V&M.

Our Vision for the future of church is:

We see the church being a collection of different worship communities

Our Mission for the future KCC is:

Engaging our neighbours; Meeting the living Jesus; One person at a time

We articulate our Vision and Mission here...