What we are doing

New Initiatives

We have launched "Coffee@Kildonan" - a time of sharing conversation over a cup of coffee and a few snacks. Coffee@Kildonan currently operates during the same hours as KCC Foodbank.

In support of our partnership with Winnipeg Harvest, people come to pick up their groceries. KCC Foodbank opens their doors for pick up at 5:00 pm on Thursday's.

A group of people who enjoy playing guitars gather here Wednesday nights starting at 7:00 pm.

We are ramping up to "full speed" with our partnership with Youth for Christ. Kevin Pauls has been an outstanding addition to our team here at KCC.

Some of the community areas that we are currently involved in are as follows:

  • Support of under privileged children in Honduras and in the Philippians’,
  • Support and sponsorship of refugees as a result of Middle East unrest,
  • Support and distribution center in partnership with Winnipeg Harvest Food Bank,
  • Through a variety of activities, support of Winnipeg Inner City Mission,
  • Fundraising support for the development of wells in Africa.

Future Initiatives

As part of our Vision and Mission, we will be looking to support new activities in our community and in our neighbourhood. We will be looking for volunteers to support these ministry opportunities:

  • Coffee House (expanding Coffee@Kildonan)
  • Pub Church ministry
  • Messy Church (a young family ministry)
  • Home Church
  • Other Contemporary and Tradition Worship settings

If anyone is interested in starting a discussion about these new ministries, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at ron@kildonancommunitychurch.com

COFFEE@KILDONAN: In support of KCC Foodbank, we offer a time of coffee and conversation. KCC Foodbank works in partnership with Winnipeg Harvest in the distribution of food and items