What to expect

Our gathering time at Kildonan Community Church (KCC) is often referred to as 'Worship' in the Christian community.

The worship of God is the first priority of the church ─ and all its ministries emerge out of this primary calling. Each Sunday morning members and friends of KCC gather to worship at 10:30 a.m. We frequently have visitors who drop in and so newcomers are always welcome.

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted at the door by one of the greeters, and handed a bulletin which outlines the various parts of the service. It is good to keep this bulletin with you through the service as it contains a lot of information that is needed to participate fully in the service. Recently, we have added a visual component, and much of our service can be followed on the screen.

You are welcome to sit anywhere in the church. There are no assigned pews (very comfortable, by the way). We have developed a place in our common room (where we offer refreshments after the service) where families with young children can gather and still feel as if they are participating in the service. We provided this area as some parents felt their kids were 'too noisy.' But your children are welcome to stay with you, if that is your desire.

Our service style is mixed - some call it "blended." In the coming months, a more "contemporary feel" will be gradually introduced. The gathering starts out with some songs from a book we call “Spirit Songs” as well as introducing some more modern contemporary songs as well. Other hymns during the service are taken from the 1997 Presbyterian Book of Praise, as well as from the Spirit Songs book. We do have some responsive parts to the way the service runs and you are free to follow along (or not - your choice) as outlined in the bulletin. The service usually lasts an hour to 1¼ hours and is broken down into various parts which include;

Called to Worship – prayers and songs to prepare us for the service

We Respond – prayers of the people, tithing and singing songs that prepare us for servicing in the world beyond KCC’s doors. If you are visiting us, your presence with us is gift enough. Our “tithing” (the giving of our "treasures") is intended for people who believe and support KCC’s mission in this community of Winnipeg.

Hearing God’s Word – readings from early Hebrew writings (often called the Old Testament) and early Christian writings (called New Testament). The minister also teaches during this time.

Usually, after the service we gather in our large common area for refreshments and a time of getting to connect with other people we may not have seen since the prior week – or longer.

At KCC we believe that worship is the overflow of God’s own life poured into ours. Just as importantly, we also believe that it represents the outpouring of God’s own life from our congregation to the community at large.