About us

Most church people would call us a small, family-sized, friendly church. Our auditorium (a.k.a. Sanctuary) can comfortably seat about 120 to 150 people in nicely padded benches (the pews).

Access to our church is off Main Street directly across from Murray Street. If you are heading north on Main street from the core of downtown Winnipeg, you will be turning right into our parking lot (behind the church), which is located just after Kildonan Prebyterien Cemetery. Heading south down Main street (from the Perimeter Highway towards downtown Winnipeg), you will be turning left. There is a turning lane provided for access to KCC.

Our parking lot is found in two locations. First, as you come onto the property, there are some spots on the left hand side. Secondly, the main parking is found behind the church itself. Other than four 'Visitor's Parking Spots' by the entrance, there are no designated parking spots, so feel free to park any spot you find.

The main entrance to the church is found in the front, although the majority of the people of KCC enter through the doors at the back of the church. Both of these doors enter into the building and bring you to the Common Area of our church ('The narthex' in church speak).

From our common area, you have access to the auditorium ('sanctuary') where we gather for music, prayers and the teaching (applying God's Word to your daily life).

You can find a Google map to us under Contact us