Our Vision and Mission

What Kildonan Community Church Means to Its Members

KCC describes itself as a community of friendship, fellowship and caring. While offering support and great depth of compassion, the atmosphere is mainly happy, with contentment together. Togetherness and acceptance of others is vitally important, and newcomers strongly feel this welcome and belonging. Many of the members and adherents have deep roots and strong ties to the community, and their “Church Home of Kildonan Community Church.”

Our Vision

We see the church being a collection of different worship communities. (Acts 2:42 - 47)

KCC (Kildonan Community Church) will support various communities of worship. These worship communities will physically reside in this building as well as other places of interest. They will provide a community where people will feel comfortable inviting family, friends and neighbours, as safe places where they can come and explore their challenges and uncertainties about God, Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit. These are places where we meet people, coming as they are, from all different walks of life.

A worship community is defined as a gathering of people (Greek; ekklesia = congregation) coming together to learn and know the Triune God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and looking to live our lives as Jesus would. In other words, a Worship community lives out its belief through worship (similar to and different from our Sunday morning worship experience) as well as its belief of service to the immediate community and beyond. They need not be “filled with Christians.” Rather, they are places where people learn and grow. Dedicating their lives to Jesus makes them Christians.

By creating communities where people feel comfortable talking about God/ Jesus/ Holy Spirit, we believe people will become interested in participating in more than one community of worship or small group ministries. It is likely these different worship communities will support various missions, as well as share in gatherings to celebrate the larger KCC community.

Our Mission

Engaging our neighbours; meeting the living Jesus; one person at a time. (1 Cor 9:19 - 23)

Engaging our neighbours” speaks to our geographic location. We believe God has placed Kildonan Community Church here for a reason. In 1851, the first building was erected to support a community in the Red River Settlement to live out their faith. In 1988, the current building was constructed and the name changed from Kildonan Presbyterian Church to Kildonan Community Church. The name change was to support the mission of reaching out to the surrounding community. This part of the Mission statement honours the continuation of the God-given Vision for this community since the beginning of the Red River Settlement.

Meeting the living Jesus” reflects we are an Easter people. We believe God raised Jesus Christ for our sake and our salvation to journey with Him in our daily lives. We believe Jesus is alive and continues His work in us through the Holy Spirit to honour and glorify the Father. "Meeting the living Jesus" honours the Great Commission given to us by Jesus. It is our duty to introduce the living Jesus to our friends, neighbours and our community so God will be able to transform their lives.

One person at a time” reflects the personal nature of the relationships we will build with people. People do not follow buildings and programs; they follow relationships. By holding honest, authentic conversations with people, we believe people will see Jesus living in our lives. This is not about teaching and quoting scriptures to people, this is about living out our lives as Jesus would. There will be opportunities for learning scriptures through our gathering communities led by different teachers.