Transportation - the bus

Metro Transit

The City of Kalamazoo Metro Transit (KMetro) provides dependable, convenient, safe transportation throughout the Kalamazoo area.

  • Metro Transit website
  • Bus Routes
  • Fares (2015)
    • Low-income fares: A $0.25 discount is available at the Transportation Center downtown by showing a Bridge Card and purchasing 14 tokens. (Regular price is $20, discounted price is $17.50) (2017)
    • An unlimited monthly pass is $60 for individuals.
    • Transfers are free and must be requested at the time you board the first bus. The transfer is valid for one (1) hours after receipt and should be given to the driver of the last bus you board.
    • Michigan Works provides free tokens to individuals using their services.

  • Plan your trip and track your bus real time online
    • Web-based app Track My Bus
    • MyStop Mobile App lets you follow your bus real time on your smartphone and is available in the AppStore and on GooglePlay. Google Maps links with the Metro Transit system. Just search for directions and then click on the bus icon to see bus routes to any location. Other map services such as Appleā€™s Maps app also do the same.

Bus Travel Training

It is a critical life skill to learn the bus system upon arrival. Why is this important? Giving a ride to refugees is good-hearted, but in the long run it's unreliable and can hurt more than help. A bus is reliable transportation.

The Disability Network has travel trainers who can teach refugees how to ride the buses. Click here for more information.