The Society's Journal (SSOL)

The Society sponsors publication of the journal Scientific Study of Literature (SSOL) through John Benjamins Publishing Company. This journal invites manuscripts that apply, or facilitate the application of, scientific methods to study of the structure and function of literature, especially its aesthetic function. Literature is broadly defined as all cultural artifacts that embody literary devices, such as narrative genre, stylistic variations, and figurative language. The domain includes novels, short stories, and poetry, but also theater, film, television, and digital media. The journal is peer reviewed and indexed in: CNKI ; Glottolog ; IBR/IBZ ; LLBA; MLA ; and PsycINFO.

Portrait of Duranty (Degas)

The SSOL Editorial Board

David Hanauer, the current General Editor, coordinates journal preparation in collaboration with other members of the SSOL Editorial Board. The Editorial Board is renewed by a process that is coordinated by the Society's Publications Committee. The SSOL Policy Statement that guides this process is available for review.