The 17th Biennial IGEL Conference in Liverpool, UK, JULY 1-4, 2020

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The IGEL Training School in Liverpool, UK, June 29-30, 2020

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A German 'igel'

An Organizational Tidbit:

As an international society, the IGEL acronym has two intriguing translations. First, in German, igel means 'hedgehog,' which explains the acronym and our logo. This motif echoes German contributions to the formation and continued support of IGEL (Internationale Gesellschaft für Empirische Literaturwissenschaft). Moreover, in Basque, 'igel' means 'frog,' which echoes the society's efforts to become a genuinely international professional association. Although heavily supported by researchers in North America and Europe, IGEL membership includes researchers from China, Japan, Israel, Brazil, and elsewhere. And, the most recent biennial conference was attended by researchers from 22 different countries.

A Basque 'igel'