Research Coalitions

Steps are currently being taken to identify small groups of 3-8 researchers concerned with specific topics in empirical studies of literature (e.g., literary reading and social cognition, shared literary reading). Identifying such coalitions entails (1) preparation (and periodic revision) of print and online publications about each research topic (a reference book, an online handbook); (2) preparation (and periodic revision) of materials for workshops or training schools that support professional development in empirical studies of literature; and (3) supporting the organization of activities that facilitate interaction among members of these coalitions (e.g., conference symposia, workshops, special issues) and increase their online visibility (e.g., web pages dedicated to each research topic).

Man Reading (Monanteuil)

Several research coalitions are currently active, i.e., coalition coordinators have Identified small numbers of investigators whose published empirical work addresses a specific coalition research topic. Also, members of these coalitions are preparing book chapters that review empirical studies concerning a specific coalition research topic.

One research group has recently submitted a coalition proposal. While very few empirical studies have been completed in these areas, they are coalitions "to watch" as projects currently underway reach published fruition.

These Active and Emerging Research Coalitions are listed below and in a table that provides an overview of this structure. Each coalition has a separate website (maintained by the society) that that provides additional information about coalition coordinators, coalition members (and their publications), and relevant research resources.

Emerging Research Coalitions

Areas "to watch"

Submitting a Coalition Proposal

The IGEL Board will entertain proposals for the formation of Research Coalitions involving small groups of investigators with records of accomplishment in specific research areas. If you are interested in coordinating such a coalition, consider completing the Research Coalition Proposal (see below) and submitting it to Don Kuiken (IGEL President) who, in turn, will present it to the Board for consideration.

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