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information for new language assistants year 2022/2023

Ficha de Información para Auxiliares de Conversación.pdf
Information Sheet for LANGUAGE Assistants.pdf


Our school is proud to welcome our new three language assistants for the present academic year. Their role is a key element to help our students develop their full capacities in the second language and enrich their learning experience. We couldn't be any more grateful for their work and having them as active members of our school community.

Evan presentación (1).mp4

Evan Sloan

This is his second year assisting our students. He's from New York and a biologist. He loves the outdoors and always brings out the very best of our students in every class. This year he will be helping those students in 1º and 2º ESO and bachillerato. Meet him better with his introduction video:


Harleen KAur

All the way from India, Harleen has studied "Filología Hispánica" and is passionate about music, books and the spanish culture. She will be helping students in the 3rd and 4th years of ESO plus those students at our vocational modules of "comercio and Marketing". Meet her better with her introduction video:



Alex comes from Brazil. It's his second year as a language assistant in Andalucia. Last year he helped students in Huelva. This year he will be helping our students at the school with portuguese. He's a very talented artist and loves learning languages and the culture. Meet him better with his introduction video:

evan's work 2021/2022

Prehistoric Religion & Spirituality.pptx
Theory of Knowledge.pptx
The Trojan War.pptx
The Meaning of Human Existence.pptx
The Color Wheel.pptx
The 12 Labors of Hercules.pptx
Real Food.pptx
Personal Introduction.pptx
Landforms of the US.pptx
Human Evolution.pptx
Healthy Relationships.pptx
Death Valley.pptx
Climate Change.ppt
Ancient Greek Creation Myth.pptx
A Brief Jewish History of the Ancient World.pptx

Harleen's work 2021/22

Recording and customer care activity.pptx
INDIAN WEDDING ppt [Autosaved].pptx
Spain in the 19th century.pptx
11th Feb.pptx
World War I.pptx
Valentine's Day Marketing.pptx
Dialogue and organizational chart.pptx
Indian Personalities.pptx
Instagram marketing and sales.pptx
Entrepreneur activity.pptx
Marketing and comparing products.pptx
The Industrial Revolution.pptx

Language Assistants year 2020/2021

Our school is proud to welcome our three language assistants this year. Two of them come from the USA and will be helping our students with English in bilingual subjects. The other language assistant comes directly from Brazil and will be helping those students learning portuguese.

  • Nolan Bulger: this is his second year assisting our students so he knows his way around. He comes from Texas but he is currently living in Málaga and plans to stay here for a while. He helps students in the 3rd and 4th years of ESO and B and Bachillerato with bilingual subjects such as Maths, History, Civic Education and P.E. He also helps those students working in our Business and Marketing Department.

  • Evan Taylor Sloan: Evan comes from New York. He studied Biology and is currently working on his PhD. He helps students in the 1st and 2nd years of ESO and Bachillerato with subjects such as Arts, History, Geography, P.E. and Technology.

  • Andrea Ruber: She comes from Brazil and helps students learning Portuguese at our school. Sh'e has lived in Spain for a couple of years and has been helping adult learners ever since.

Evan's work

Here are some of the presentations Evan has created for his bilingual classes

Death Valley.pptx
Documento de Jorge
Documento de Jorge
Documento de Jorge
Climate Change.ppt
Personal Introduction.pptx
The Color Wheel.pptx
Real Food.pptx

Nolan's work

About Me_NB [2020].pptx
Alan Turing presentation.pptx
Christmas in USA.pptx

Our current English language assistant is Thomas Porter.

Rute Baptista é a nossa auxiliar de Português desde o primeiro de outubro de 2018. Ela mora na cidade de Aljubarrota em Portugal e fez os seus estudos de Tradução na Universidade de Lisboa.

Rute Baptista es nuestra auxiliar de conversación de Portugués desde el 1 de octubre de 2018. Vive en la ciudad de Ajubarrota en Portugal y realizó sus estudios de Traducción en la Universidad de Lisboa.

Do you remember Omena Ejekpokpo? She was our English assistant last year. She is from New York, she studied biology there at university and then she moved to Tokyo, where she was living for three and a half years before joining us. This photo was taken after her speech for March 8th about women's rights and we can only say "Well done"!!!

Do you remember Jamye? She was our English Assistant a few years ago and for the European Day of Languages she sent us a video where she remembers her time in Spain and tells us what she is doing now.

Kayla, our English assistant last year, also sent us a video where she explains why it is important to learn languages!