Bilingual Valle del Azahar

We have been bilingual since 2008/2009.

In addition to English, French, Portuguese and Language, the subjects which take part in the bilingual project are listed below:

  • 1º ESO: Art and Social Studies
  • 2º ESO: Technology, Art and Physical Education.
  • 3º ESO: Art, Civics and Maths
  • 4º ESO: Physical Education and Social Studies.
  • 1º BACH: Physical Education and Philosophy
  • 2º BACH: Philosophy and History
  • 1º CFGM: Marketing and Sales Processes
  • 2º CFGM: Technical sales

Bilingual teachers:

  • English Department: Ana Isabel Martín, José Francisco Martín, Rosalía García, Mabel Del Río Mora, Ruth, Mercedes Ríos, Pedro Villena, Arancha Luque and Céline Camerlynck.
  • French Department: José Luis Ruiz Narváez, Juan Antonio Mora, Mª Jesús Fernández and Jennifer.
  • Language department: Juan José Romera, Isabel Galés, Francisca Puyol, Marisol Narbona, Rubén Alonso, Miguel Fernández, Julia Palencia and .
  • Philosophy Department: Rocío Fernández Mena.
  • Social Studies Department: Candelaria Ponce y Mª Jesús Montes.
  • Art Department: Arístides Rosco and Mª José Barbero.
  • Math Department: Francisco Jiménez and Irene María Zafra.
  • Business and Marketing Department: María Dolores Valverde and Rocío Toledo.
  • Physical Education: Javier Valero.
  • Technology: Regino Alfredo Quintane