PRIMO20 Student Travel Awards

Student Travel Awards

The PRIMO 20 organizing committee will offer Student Travel Awards to support graduate and undergraduate students who wish to attend PRIMO 20. The award will provide a stipend that covers housing costs out the Francis-Marion Hotel. The last date for the Student Travel Award application is February 15, 2019.


Applicant must be a student actively working on an undergraduate, Masters, or Ph.D. degree. Applicants for student travel award must submit an abstract and make a platform or poster presentation at PRIMO 20, and must stay at the meeting site hotel (Francis-Marion).

Application Procedure

Each applicant intending to apply for a student travel award must submit an abstract first. Failure to meet the deadline or to follow instructions will result in the disqualification of the application.

Applicants must submit the following application materials before the deadline:

· Resume (maximum 2 pages)

· Abstract for a platform or poster presentation at PRIMO20

· A letter of recommendation from the applicant's research supervisor (maximum 2 pages), which also includes verification of the student status

Evaluation Procedure

The PRIMO 20 organizing committee will evaluate all applications. The number of awards will be limited to available funds. The applicants will be ranked on the basis of the following criteria;

· Completeness and appropriateness of the application materials

· Quality and suitability of the abstract for PRIMO20

· Evaluation of applicant by his/her research supervisor

If the number of applicants exceeds the availability of funds, selection will be made considering the evaluation ranking by the PRIMO Organizing Committee and geographic distribution of applicants.

Submission of Application

The application materials must be submitted on or before February 15, 2019 to Applicant must bundle all application materials as a single PDF.

Award Notification

All applicants will be notified by mid-March.


All questions about student travel awards should be directed to Dr. Amy Ringwood at