PRIMO20 Special Issues Publication

Aquatic Toxicology and Marine Environmental Research Special Issues

Both Aquatic Toxicology (mechanistic studies) and Marine Environmental Research (ecologically relevant studies) will be publishing platform presentations (and potentially fantastic poster presentations) presented at the PRIMO 20 conference in special issues of these two journals. All the manuscripts will be subjected to normal peer-review to guarantee the scientific standard required by the journals and, if accepted, they will be considered as regular articles. Articles will be published at acceptance.

In addition, we will publish a Review article highlighting the state of the science as presented at PRIMO20 and published in the special issue of Aquatic Toxicology, and a Preface highlighting PRIMO20 and what was published in the special issue of Marine Environmental Research.

Expected number of articles in each journal is 10-15. Both journals have agreed to the same guidelines, and requested we keep tight time tables.

1. 31 May 2019 is the deadline for confirming the willingness to submit a paper by emailing Dr. William Baldwin at

2. 1 September 2019 is when submissions will open. The submission window will close 15 October 2019.

3. 1 March 2020: All manuscripts should be fully reviewed and final decisions made by this date.

4. April 2020: The date the two Virtual Special Issues will be published including the preface / PRIMO review.