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911 Response

As the 911 service for Hughes County, our primary service is to be available 24/7/365 for when the unthinkable happens.   All the other services listed here are secondary and optional services compared to our 911 response.  HCEMS provides 911/pre-hospital response to all of Hughes County. 

Critical Care Transport

We are capable of handling a plethora of challenging cases including respiratory patients, patients with multiple IV drips, patients receiving blood products, and much more.  Please contact us to inquire about these services.

Inter-facility Transport

Whether you need to transport your patient to a facility that offers a higher level of care, a transport to a skilled nursing facility, or a transport home we can meet your needs.  Please contact us to inquire about these services.

Long Distance Transport

 HCEMS can provide certain Long Distance Transportation as long as the transport is within the state of Oklahoma and 250 miles round trip for the ambulance.  Please contact us to inquire about these services.

Special Operations

HCEMS takes part in disaster response throughout the country. Deployments can be for weeks at a time in disaster-stricken areas. Within Oklahoma, HCEMS maintains procedures that enable us to quickly deploy multiple resources to large scale incidents to other parts of the state if requested.

Bill Questions

For all questions related to ambulance billing including insurance, payment and hardship assistance, please call (405) 379-7046 Monday through Friday 8am -  5pm excluding county holidays.

Community Relations

At HCEMS, we pride ourselves on being active within the community before an emergency ever happens. We enjoy being involved in parades, homecoming events, charitable cause events, sport event stand by, and much more.  Please contact us to inquire about these services.

Special Teams Transport

Does your specialized medical team need transportation of a Hughes County Resident?  We can help.  Please contact us to inquire about these services.

Complement Your Medic

Did our medics make a positive impression in delivery of prompt, compassionate, and clinically excellent on prehospital care on you? We want to hear about it!

Medical Stand By

HCEMS is happy to provide medical coverage at your event, or even job site, as a long-term or short-term solution. Special restrictions may apply. Please contact us to inquire about these services.


HCEMS provides several educational opportunities for the medical related field including CPR, First Aid, and EMR/EMT/AEMT courses. The best place to monitor these opportunities is our social media outlets like Facebook.

Lost Items in Transport

Did you lose something or leave something on the ambulance during your transport?  Please contact us to see if we have it.

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