Anton Kieffer, Gage Schmidgall, Lydia Rechtzigel, & Krista Duncan

Fall Play 2023: A.I.


Standing L to R: Oliver, Gage, Echo, Lydia, Kira, Taiah, & Beka. Lying: Cody. Seated Ms. Schmidt. Not Pictured Crew: Maggie, Alyssa, and Luca.

Fall Play 2022

Hancock's One Act Play 2022: How to Kill a Mockingbird

Mockingbird poster

Drawing by Greta Conroy

Performance Dates: 

Friday, Jan. 28 & Saturday, Jan. 29 

at 7pm on Hancock Stage

Hancock's 2021 Fall 2021 Play: The Pitch

Drawing by Greta Conroy

Performance dates: Friday, November 5 at 7pm and Saturday, November 6 @ 2pm

Fall Play 2020: The Help Desk

Drawing by AJ Dawson

One Act Competition 2020:

Drawing by AJ Dawson

Front Left: Chloe Crowell, Zachary Razink, Colton Hensinger, Miranda Chamberlain, Riley Morrow, Parker Schmidgall, Martha Schmidgall

Back: Ms. Schmidt, Serena Schaefer, Jared Koehl, Maggie Schmidgall, Nevaeh Birr, Echo Schaefer, Gage Schmidgall

Fall 2019 Play "Our Teacher is an Alien"

Drawings by AJ Dawson

Front Left: Natasha Labeau, CArter Hanson, Jared Koehl, Jeremiah Schmidgall, Parker Schmidgall, Amanda Wevley, Tyler Hensinger, Colton Hensinger, Zachary Koehl, Chloe Crowell, Sebastian Felix, Erika Colon, Martha Schmidgall, Serena Schaefer

Kneeling: Ms. Schmidt, Sebastian Salas, Kaylee Wink, Gage Schmidgall

Standing: Reese Bailey, Audi Henderson, Saqqara Nero, Echo Schaefer, Riley Labeau, Nevaeh Birr, Maggie Schmidgall, Bridget Anderson, Rylie Morrow, and Alexis Benson

2019 One Act Competition Play: Gossip

Back row left to right: Martha Schmidgall, Parker Schmidgall and Erika Colon.

Sitting: Gage Schmidgall, Sebastian Feliz, Zachary Razink, Miranda Chamberlain, Nadine Miller, & Chloe Crowell.

On Floor: Carissa Timmerman & Delaynie Naig.

Not Pictured: Juan Clemente and Colton Hensinger

2018: "Superhero Sanitarium"

Front L to R: Paxton, Amber, Carissa, Serena, Juan, Gage, Reese, Martha

Back L to R: Lincoln, Emannuel, Grace, Zachary, Miranda, Amanda, Nadine, Parker, Chloe, Erika

Congratulations Cast and Crew of "Her Senior Year" 2nd Place at Sub-Sections 2018!

Front L to R: Serena, Erika, Zachary, Carissa, Lindsey, Amber

Back F to R: Ms. Schmidt, Preston, Parker, Chloe, Miranda, Martha, Amanda, Nadine, Amanda, Emmanuel

Not Pictured: Paxton

Cast and Crew of 2017 Fall Play "We're Not Making This Up as We Go...Honest!"