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Vocab due Thursday, May 10: Terr, Therm/o, Urb, Somn/i, Son

Vocab for the week of April 30-May 4 Memorize the following Greek/Latin roots: Lab, Mal, Nav, Ortho, Pale/o

This week's root words are: Auto, Bi, Du/o, Tri, Quad/r/ri, Quint, Cent/i. Know the English translations of these for Wednesday, April 25.

Vocab this week of April 16-20 is memorizing what the following Greek/Latin roots mean: Audi, Avi, Bibli/o, Ced- Ceed- Cees, Chrono, Con. These words can be found here:

Vocab words for the week of April 9-13 are Main Idea, Supporting Detail, Rhyme, Rhythm, Voice Development

Vocab words for the week of April 2-6 are Generalization, Behavior, Inanimate, Inferred Meaning, Making Inferences.

Vocab words for the week of March 19-23 are Plot Techniques author's use to enrich their stories: Backstory, Flashback, Flash Forward, Cliffhanger, and Red Herring

Ms. Schmidt’s Remind App Codes:

To receive text message from and be able to text to Ms. Schmidt regarding class assignments or tests, theater, the DC/NY Trip or class advisor items.

Text the following code to: 81010

Text the following message:

  • 7th Grade English: @Schmidt07
  • 8th Grade English: @Schmidt08
  • 9th Grade English: @Schmidt09
  • 10th Grade English: @Schmidt10
  • 11th & 12th Grade English: @Schmidt768
  • DC/NY Trip 2018: @DCNY2018
  • One Act: @hancockone

READ! It's beneficial to read a little every day!!!

Students are doing an ongoing school service project to help raise money for our school. Please send in Coke Reward Points, Campbell's Soup labels, and Box Tops. Every little bit helps! The school is also collecting pop can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. You can turn pop tabs in to Ms. Schmidt.

I am still on the look out for things to add to our theater department. We can always use interesting clothes and items that can be used as props.

Please, if you do have anything to donate to the Theater department, ask me if we could use it. Please do not just drop items off at school. Thank you so much!

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." - John Dewey


  • Homework will be posted on the board in the English Classroom. Make sure you write down your assignments everyday! An assignment notebook is recommended for every student to use.
  • If a student has been or will be gone for an extended period of time, please see me before school, after school, during my prep, or during your English class time to get the assignments you missed.
  • Emailing me questions is the best way to reach me during the day: You may also call me at the school at 320-392-5621
  • It is also a good idea for students to reach out to classmates to see what they missed in all of their classes.
  • If a student turns in work late without a reasonable excuse or absence, they will receive at most half credit.
  • If a student is having a problem with an assignment, see me for help between 8:00 am - 8:20 am, during my prep 1st hour, or after school. If these do not work we can set something else up - I am flexible with time and willing to come into school earlier or stay later if necessary. Please contact me.

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Class Supply List

  • Your Textbook or Class Novel
  • A Big Notebook
  • A Folder
  • A Writing Utencil
  • A 3 Ring Binder
  • A free time reading novel
  • Your Brain!

Below is Hancock Public School's Grading Scale for 7-12 Grades.

A 96-100

A- 94-95

B+ 92-93

B 89-91

B- 87-88

C+ 85-86

C 82-84

C- 80-81

D+ 78-79

D 76-77

D- 74-75

F 0-73

Ms. Schmidt’s Google Classroom Codes:

Log into Google Classrooms and add a class to join.

7th Grade: la068g

8th Grade: 7xpowgk

9th Grade: m88dwg

10th Grade: 1l1z7x

11th & 12th Grade: vatpeag