Our school counselors spend time meeting with students discussing academics, college and career plans, and assisting with social/emotional needs. The guidance team supports students in various ways including building student schedules, presenting college and career information to students in classrooms, assisting students with 4-year planning, and organizing large events such as Parent Nights, PSAT testing, Freshmen Showcase, Senior Awards, Unity Days and MORE. All school counselors are P.P.S. Credentialed and hold Masters Degrees in Educational Counseling.

Meet the Santana Guidance Team

Students are assigned to counselors by the first letter of their last name.

Lori Compton

Counselor: A-F & Ind Stdy TDC

Phone: (619) 956-0248


Monica Perrapato

Counselor : Go-M

Phone: (619) 956-0246


Jason Cook

Counselor: Re-Z & DFAB

Phone: (619) 956-0317


Christopher Bilbrey

Counselor: G-Gl, N-Ra & Full Time Learning Center

Phone: (619) 956-0245


Samantha Spenny

Guidance Information Specialist

Phone: (619) 956-0242


Victoria Simanek

Guidance Information Specialist

Phone: (619) 956-0243


Jean Pugh

Vice Principal

Phone: (619) 956-0200


Jennifer Ferrer

Site Support Tech / Registrar

Phone: (619) 956-0244


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Making Appointments

Student Appointments

  • Walk in: Walk in to the Counseling Office before school, during lunch, or after school (no appointment is necessary). This method is best for students who have a minor concern or question that can be addressed quickly.
  • Schedule an Appointment: Make an appointment with your counselor by filling out an "Appointment Sheet" located in the counseling office; once submitted the counselor will contact you.
  • Email: Email your counselor with your question or concern. (recommended for less waiting time)
  • Walk in Anytime: This method is ONLY for students who have a concern or situation that needs immediate attention.

Parent or Guardian Appointments

  • If you have a question about your student's current grade or content in a course, contact the teacher directly or visit the teacher’s web page or your Infinite Campus Parent Portal.
  • If you have a general counseling question or concern, the most effective way to contact your student's counselor is via phone and/or by e-mail. Please keep in mind that if the issue you wish to discuss is teacher-related, you should consider contacting the teacher first.

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