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Kelly Gallagher Writing Strategies This document contains strategies based on Gallagher's Teaching Adolescent Writers book. Included is the rationale behind his method,as well as immediate-use activities for teachers.


Rethinking Novel Studies: An Alternate Approach, Research Summary and Author Recommendations

English teachers enter the classroom with a mission to broaden students’ experiences; to equip them with the skills and tools necessary to both understand the world around them and communicate their sense of themselves within it.

One considerable tool at the disposal of English teachers is the novel study. There are numerous ways to teach and reach students through novels; this document summary examines novel studies through the lens of author Kelly Gallagher, an American English teacher who has authored titles on the subject. His book, Readicide, pays particular attention to the current brand of novel study and how teachers can improve it.

In the accompanying document, (click here) you will see numerous recommendations for teaching novel studies and the rationale behind each of those suggestions.

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Read Gallagher's article in Education News

Exploring Novels through Student-Created Bloom's Taxonomy Questions

Based on the

EduPress Quick Flip Questions

This novel approach asks students to:

1. Analyze sample answers to determine what makes a quality response.

2. Clarify their own understandings to pull important information from the novel.

3. Utilize sentence stems to help to create focused questions.

4. Evaluate their own and peers' answers, based on class decisions about quality answers.

Teacher Overview

Bloom's Taxonomy-Revised-- Sample questions based on Steinbeck's novel, Of Mice and Men