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Welcome to the world of tech education, where innovation, creativity, and endless possibilities converge! Technology is the heartbeat of our modern era, propelling us forward into an age of unprecedented advancement. Teaching technology is an exhilarating journey that allows us to explore the boundless horizons of human ingenuity. It's amazing because technology is not just a tool; it's a catalyst for change, enabling us to solve complex problems, connect with people worldwide, and shape the future. As educators, guiding students through this realm of infinite potential is awe-inspiring. Witnessing the spark of curiosity ignite into profound understanding and skill is a privilege. Teaching technology isn't just about imparting knowledge; it's about fostering critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability—essential skills that empower individuals to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Embrace the wonder of technology education, where every lesson is an invitation to innovate, explore, and transform the world.


Google Classroom

Most of the materials / assignments we'll have in the course will be retrieved from the Google Classroom for the course. Relevant materials may be listed under the assignment files there.

In other cases, materials will be provided on my website.

Occasionally there may be assignments and worksheets that will be given out in person. Theses will also always be available on the website of in Google Classroom.

Where to SUBMIT Assignment Files

Google Classroom

Most of the materials / assignments we'll do in the course will be submitted to the Google Classroom for the course. Each assignment will indicate the location for submission.

GOOGLE DRIVE organization

You will create folders to help you keep your work organized. You will create a TECH folder in your Google Drive to stay organized. Inside that folder create a class folder, see below. Every unit we cover should be in a subfolder in these folders.

Period 1 - TVG3/4M Broadcasting

Google Drive > My Drive > TECH > TGV

Period 3 - TGP3M
Google Drive > My Drive > TECH > TGP

Period 4 - TGJ2/3O
Google Drive > My Drive > TECH > TGJ

Digital Literacy

Computer File Basics

Success at basic computing starts at the same place - organization. If you don't know how/where to find it, you can't work on it. This is as true as as student as it is for the IT professional. Click on the Start icon and browse to the Computer icon. Alternatively, press the windows key and the letter E and that opens windows file explorer.

Notice - (see image below) there are a series of categories when you open Computer. On the left you'll see your Favorite Locations, your Libraries, your Computer icon (and a triangle next to it to open that into further subdivisions) and the Network icon and the triangle next to it to navigate to the network sub-divisions visible to you.

1) On the right side there are Hard Disk Drives, listing all physical devices IN YOUR COMPUTER that you have access to. There is a c drive which is NOT visible to you and a X: drive (This is your Google Drive), which IS visible to you. Technically they're a logical division of the same physical entity - a hard-drive spinning away in the tower sitting next to you. We'll talk more about this in a couple of classes. While you have access to save/retrieve from your Google Drive, it exists ONLY on your computer if you have signed in to your Google Account. 

2) There is a Devices with Removable Storage division. If you have a USB stick, a camera, a fax machine, a keyboard, a microphone, a time-traveling-device-sent-to-exterminate-mankind, it will appear here when you plug it in.

FIle Expolorer

Note the "X:" Drive is your Google Drive


Google Drive 

Please make sure you login to your Google Drive.
(If this icon is grey you are not signed in)

Saving Your Work

(File Naming Rules or "Naming Conventions")

When creating a project file for later submission, use the following format:

Your Google Drive is where you should save your work. It is a network drive, so it may take a while to save files there sometimes (depending on how many people are reading/writing to it). Be patient and save one thing at a time.

- Your TVDSB USERID and PASSWORD that you use to login to your Google Account are for your use only. Keep this information to yourself - you are responsible for any use (or misuse) of your account - do NOT "share" accounts with other students.

techNOLOGICAL Education FOR today & tomorrow