Sports Clubs

General Information

Gospel Oak offers a wide range of sports clubs whenever the KS2 hall is available before and after school. These are run at cost to provide lowest possible price for parents and allow maximum take-up. Gospel Oak staff are predominantly used to ensure: high quality, value for money and reliability. If your child has never attended a SPORTS club before or if money is very tight it is generally possible to allocate a FREE space from Sport Premium money.

Application forms usually go out just after half-term for the following term's clubs. The link to this form will be available online on both ParentHub and GospelOakSports Twitter.

Prioritisation for Sports Clubs Applications

First priority: Any application for a child who failed to get a space the previous term (for the same club). Over the last 4 years these children have always got a space. This is reset every new academic year.

Second priority: Timestamp of application (first come, first served).

95% of spaces are allocated on the criteria above. 

Exceptional circumstances may supercede the two above : SEND considerations, targeted low participation groups, children that have applications for one club vs multiple clubs, parents that have no debts from previous sports clubs, parents that have applied for clubs previously and not taken offered spaces.

Invitation only Sports Clubs

Currently there are only two clubs which are single sex and invitation only: boys and girls football squad training. These sessions provide an opportunity for children to train at a higher level. Children are invited based on: enthusiasm, commitment and ability. Almost exclusively, invited children will be attending another football club training session weekly AND be taking part in all the optional lunchtime football sessions available. If your child is not invited there are 3 other "open" football clubs at Gospel Oak.  If they attend any of these 5 clubs regularly they will be prioritised for friendly matches and tournaments. 

Sports Clubs Summer Term 2024