Art Work

Art Work & Collectables

Bluenose Academy is very appreciative of the local artisans who have donated artwork to our school to add to the aesthetic of our building. Also, we are thankful to those who have donated items from their personal collections for us to display in our school.

Special thanks to:

Scott Sherman – for loaning us his “one of a kind” Bluenose Stamp Quilt Art created by Laurie Swim.

The Don Oland Family – for their donation of a kerosene lantern from the Bluenose II

Laurie Swim & Larry Goldstein – for their donation of the following prints:

“The Lobsterman” - depicts an independent self-reliant individual, alone, tending his traps, reaping their prize. Like a dancer or juggler, he balances his trap on the rim of his small craft in a roiling sea. The intent of this gesture towards the task speaks volumes. The scene embraces hard work in a cold and unforgiving environment, the North Atlantic.

“The Boat Builders” - depicts a group of men busy at work in the craft of building traditional dories. One of the distinctions of the Lunenburg Dory is its ‘knees’, the interior ribs cut from the lower trunk of the tree and the curve of its root. These dory frames are represented by the stacked curved shapes in the piece. This reference pays homage to the fact that makes this dory extraordinarily strong and long lasting.

“Open House” - depicts a little weathered shed in Blue Rocks that has been a popular subject for artists and photographers for decades. In this piece, the structure shows people in it. The work started with a photograph my husband Larry took the first day we ever saw the building open. He spotted this group of men removing things from the interior. This marked the beginning of the disassembling of the structure, one wall at a time, then the roof, until it was refurbished to its original state.

Peter Zwicker - for the donation of his family's Bluenose II model replica, on display in our main foyer.

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